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Numerology/Astrology for 8/27/18

8/27/18 is the number 10. The number 10 gives you the opportunity to begin again. There is power in the willingness to change. There is movement finally happening that seems more tangible. And yet, with that, there is a feeling of a slight calm that allows the psyche to rest (if only slightly). At this point, everyone would love to take any pause from the chaos with grace and relief. Such moments are moments to clarify what you what and where you are going next. Life is a journey that continues regardless of circumstances. All you can do is have the willingness to change.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Take it easy today. Between Mars ending his retrograde cycle in the morning, and Mercury squaring Jupiter in the evening, it is probably going to feel a bit disjointed. You will need to say what needs to be said but there is no need to repeat yourself or force your view onto others who may not be listening.

With the Moon in Pisces beginning to wane and Mars turns direct today after two months of retrograde motion. You are preparing to take some actions. Especially in the upcoming weeks. While the energy is still chaotic and confusing the clarity will eventually come and decisions going to be made and action taken.

While things still feel a bit dreamy and undefined you begin to feel hopeful. Stay loose in your ideas because it feels like you are beginning to awaken from a very bad dream. Don’t move too quickly because you are not fully in this reality yet.

There are some things that are speeding up, such as Mars moving forward. But others still saying to slow down and rest, like the Moon in Pisces. Do your best to deal with the push pull of it all and know that some movement is happening even if it is slower than you would prefer.

You are feeling a bit vulnerable and sensitive. Know that you are easily swayed today. There is great devotion but also a bit of impracticality mixed in just to keep you guessing.

There is a wound up, nervousness under the surface. It is possible that you will get some unpredictable responses from others and perhaps yourself. Just know that emotions are very much on the surface. At such times making permanent decisions is not a particularly good idea.

There is a potential for some sort of karmic repayment or benefit today. You might discover some new information that brings true feelings to the surface.

In love, show some restraint and objectivity in this unsettled energy. Obsessing and making things up will not be completely true in the end.

You do need to pause before moving certain plans forward. Your feelings may put you at odds with others on emotional levels.

You might really need to address where you need to forgive and let something go from your past.

Avoid conflict and competition. Come from a win/win perspective. Stand easy in your personal power and know that the rewards will eventually come.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The most powerful weapon
on earth is the human soul
on fire.

~Ferdinand Foch~



With the death of Senator John McCain, we unfortunately learn something that is horrifying about human nature. And that is that there are always those (who don’t know you and do not even really know what you have accomplished) that express opinions (so we might as well say lies) about someone who has left this earth because they are no longer here to defend themselves. Those that do such things are shockingly weak and insecure people. Now, somehow such people feel brave enough to say what their projections are. It is a level of cruelty and sheer meanness that is shocking to witness. I am alarmed at the level of mental corruption and dysfunction we have fallen too. The hole that such souls are making for themselves is so deep and it seems that with glee the use the energy of their distorted hatred enthusiastically to zealously keep digging that hole. It takes a very gapped psyche to not recognize the suffering they are causing themselves and this world for a very long time. It is one thing to do actions that only impact you. But at this time in history there are many that are actively doing things that tear down the amazing miracle of what is America. And they want everyone to suffer because in their selfishness and childish behavior they are suffering. It is like a child wanting to get even. Regardless of how bad the suffering is going to impact this country and the world. We have a long way to go. This event in American history will go down and the single most dangerous moment ever in the history of freedom. And it was those that could not and would not share the abundance of our country that are responsible for the collapse.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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