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Numerology/Astrology for 8/27/19

8/27/19 is the number 2. Things just keep getting more and more obvious in this duality. The lines are clearly being marked on the ground. At this point you should know what you are about and what you value. Sometimes that duality has to separate to the point that makes it very obvious to everyone. Because some minds have never learned to bend and to include more information. Those that want to learn are willing to keep looking at issues. Those that fear being wrong will never allow themselves to see other viewpoints. And they cannot admit that perhaps they made a choice without seeing all the information. So while today, can be painful, it can also be liberating when you see where you are standing and what you stand for in this world. Allow everyone to go through their own process regarding this. Because everyone will learn only when they are ready. Some will never be ready and the burden of carrying lies your whole life can be something that physically can tear you down over time. It is never worth it to carry the opinions and beliefs of others. It is more than enough to deal with the karma of carrying your own choices and actions.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Safety is still the paramount issues while the Moon transits through Cancer until this evening. At that point it will go into the warm and determined sign of Leo for the next 2 and a half days.

Mars is slightly challenging Pluto this morning and is moving into Harmony with Uranus. It is becoming clear that change is needed. There is a lot of pressure coming from many angles. It will feel lit a lot. If you resist the change it will create pain and problems. But, as always, you are at choice.

You may feel as if you are in conflict inside and outside. At such moments it is difficult to figure out how to put faith and truth into others. That is why you have to learn to trust yourself. And if you are wrong, you will learn by the consequences of your actions. Illusions cannot last forever. Eventually the truth will always break through the delusional qualities and beliefs that the mind has attempted to implement.

Notice those that attempt to manipulate and know that they are getting more and more insecure about their position. The more they are losing the grip and control over their projections, the more they will attempt to connive to get what they want. Things are collapsing and there are miserable consequences to bear witness too. I know you cannot fathom it getting worse but at this point you should recognize that this is what it will take to make people change and do what is right.

It is time to let go of the progression of material gain in order to change the destructive course of this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Learning to love takes time.
It takes safety and surrender.
It takes truth and understanding.
Love requires effort.
Love demands that you change.
Love requires that you reflect.
Love is a choice.
And in choosing, you
will never be the same.
~Suzanne Wagner~







When will it stop? Watching the terrible, destructive choices of our government is a horror that I know that no one would have believed could happen even 3 years ago. We have become a country that appears to have no heart. While I know that is not true, there have been choices made that have allowed this destructive and hateful course to continue. And it impacts every one and every living thing on this planet. As a powerful country, it is a solemn duty for us to hold the banner of a potentiality for humanity. But now, that banner is burned in the fires of hate and other countries have taken up a new banner to create a standard of goodness in the world. Perhaps it is time for us to have a “come-up-ance”. Perhaps this is a good consequence for so much lethargy, laziness, and mental confusion. Regardless, it is what is happening and now that this road has been taken we cannot go back. But forward are other forks in the road that can lead us back to truth if we are willing to do the hard work to earn that respect back.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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