August 28, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/29/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/29/16

8/29/16 is the number 10. How do you start over? How do you begin again? Move with the sun. Each day the sun rises again and again to give the light it has to offer. Even when other people perceive darkness the sun is actually still shining. You are always being the light that you are. You are always shining that light out to others. Just because someone is in his or her own perceived darkness does not mean that you are not light. Do not believe the projection of another’s darkness onto you. Remember that the light inside of you actually is a constant. It never lessens. Your belief in yourself needs to be stronger than the projections of others. When you know that to be true then your light will always shine and each new day is a dawning of the light that you carry for those ready to see it. Shortly into the day, Mercury and Venus come together in the sign of Virgo, stimulating a desire to express, quantify, and make sense of what you are feeling. Verbally you are also being more diplomatic than usual. You want to consider others’ ideas and points of view. There may be moments where you fall into superficiality. When you notice that do your best to open your heart to a deeper place. The Moon leaves Cancer and enters Leo at 4:12 AM EDT. A Leo Moon tends to be showy, confident, and outgoing than a Cancer Moon. You might find that you are drawn to more drama and need more attention now. Venus enters Libra tonight, where it will transit until September 23rd. You use charm and diplomacy to attract what you want during this cycle. Venus feels at home in Libra – a sign that it rules. There is a stronger desire for companionship, but also some cool detachment to Venus in Libra energy. You are very obliging with others and willing to negotiate and make compromises. There is a strong desire to get things are done the “right” way and you may be turned off by aggressive people or uncouth behavior. The shadow traits of this position include dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. Be careful that in an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, you might gloss over deeper issues that are at play in your relationships. You are more artistically inclined during this cycle, seeking out harmony and balance in your personal environment. Mercury is moving towards its retrograde station (it will turn retrograde tomorrow morning), so you might want to watch for confused directions and perceptions over the next 3 plus weeks.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is amazing when the masculine
can be strong enough inside
to be the stability
for a woman
so she can let her insecurities go.
A woman wants a man
that can look deep in a woman’s eyes
and witness all her fears,
taste her dreams,
and allow her to rest in the deserving of love.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I wonder if you could train your mind that when something in life blew up you could imagine it being like a piñata or that confetti would come exploding out of the old. So as one thing broke down you could feel the joy, freedom, and celebration of the new thing happening at the same time. Because that is how it works. Something that you created actually has a treasure inside if you are just willing to break down what you created and actually see the gifts that were inside from the universe all the time. In every creation the universe has a gift. Often we get so attached to our creation that we do not see what is underneath that is often of even more value.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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