August 29, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 8/30/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/30/18

8/30/18 is the number 4. The number 4 calls out to your practical and pragmatic side. Where does your power center lie in your body? True power comes from a calm center not a reactive mind. If you want to defend against some insult you are responding not from a power position but one that needs to attack that which challenges a belief that you hold. Beliefs are not always true. But if you know yourself then the beliefs of others bounce off your aura without causing harm or discord. When you know yourself deeply you have no need to defend against others projections on you. You recognize them as reflections of their own unresolved issues. You are simply being a mirror to parts of themselves that they cannot or will not see. From that place it is easy to stay calm and neutral as you walk away. The number 4 is all about the progress and management of justice. The number 4 indicates the passage of the soul from a difficult place into one that is more aware and accepting. In this day, you get to recognize how fate is in control of your reality at the moment. While you cannot change the circumstances that you are experiencing, you can move in constructive ways regardless of what the world is doing around you. It is your personal duty to build a firm foundation for your soul’s progression. You will be asked to persevere regardless of circumstances or outcomes. It is your duty to stand and protect this world and all those things living.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


While the astrology this week is at the very least, intense, it is important to look at the truth with the clarity of calm. There are those that want to undercut the things that mean the most to you in a way that is covert and treacherous. There are dark forces that want to create chaos to generate fear to make others do what they want. You cannot allow such people to influence you into behaviors that are not in alignment with your core values and deepest soul expression. The use of force to make others bend to your will is actually very self-defeating in the long run and is a tactic of the mean and weak. Hold tight to your heart and do not let those with mental manipulation take you off the path of truth and goodness. Each moment over the next few years becomes a continuous stream of defining moments that will determine the direction and fate of your soul’s progression as it moves forward. Your head and heart need to align with supporting life and the expansion of compassion to all. There are those that only have the intention to generate more chaos. Today’s beginnings are going to mature into the turmoils of tomorrow. Choice is essential and the ability to not react in haste even more so. We are in a time of great uncertainty. You cannot force certainty in such moments, no matter how much you try. Something is being launched today. Make yours one of compassion and beauty. I know each of us craves predictability, stability and security. Those precious commodities are few and far between. That is why you have to hold those within yourself internally as the external spins more out of control. There are those that fuel others into more extremes and more disruptive ways. Choose to not be one of them. Learn to manage the tensions that are building. Because that tension is not going away any time soon. Do your best to take time that is calm and loving with your family. Do your best to not obsess over what the external world is doing. Notice the tendency to over-react and choose to exhibit patience.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Insults are the arguments
employed by those who are
in the wrong.”

~Jean-Jacques Rousseau~



Those that project that others will do a particular thing are always in the end, the ones guilty of the crimes they project onto others. Those that fear certain things are always the ones that make those fears into the reality. I watch it again and again. So in this moment notice what you fear. Recognize that that fear inside of you (unowned) will externalize and manifest out in the world. Own your own stuff. Acknowledge your own fears and do not project them onto others. Those fears you hold will cause you to overreact and do more harm and suffering in the external world. All great warriors do not react. They respond from a calm center. They move from a place of protected, observing awareness to what is happening in the external world and to what is coming towards them. When you have fallen asleep and have hidden your head in the sand for too long you will wake up with a start and have a highly volatile reactive response.
I had a friend of mine that was a Vietnam Vet. He stayed alive in the jungle by aggressively reaction to any situation or when any sound happened. His brain was on hyper alert to protect himself. While that saved his life in Vietnam, when he got home it was a terrible response to his wife. She could not sleep in the same room as him because any sound would cause a protective, violent, reaction from him even if he was asleep. He would not even be consciously awake, and yet, he could pin her down violently in a few seconds. It caused their marriage to break up because it was so frightening for her. And he did not know how to control that behavior. We are in a time when the dream states of the subconscious seem to be aggressively manifesting in the external world. Illusions seem real. And this reality seems to be some bizarre dream that we are caught in that we cannot seem to awaken from. It is essential in such moments to recognize the reality from the dream. To awaken the peaceful warrior within you that is constantly aware of the surroundings and territories but knows how to respond consciously rather than unconsciously as if in a dream. Each person must learn responsibility for their inner and outer world. While you are allowed those inner beliefs. Some of those beliefs have intense consequences if you bring them into this world. Certain things are best left in the deep subconscious because of their reactive nature. We all have to learn to get along in this world. Everything is about compromise in life. None of us will ever get everything that we want. Just ask yourself, “Do you want this for your ego and to be right? Or do you want this for the greater good for all?” The choice should be an easy one if you have a healthy and balanced mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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