Numerology/Astrology for 8/2/2020 – Plus Astrology for August

Numerology/Astrology for 8/2/20

8/2/20 is the number 5.
If you add the 8 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14.
1 + 4 = 5.

The number 5 is the number of action. It is the number where you know you must do something. Not just in your mind but in the “real” world. While it is difficult in Covid reality to feel as if you can take action, there are many actions that can be taken that give a feeling of freedom and satisfaction.
Decision and choice are at the root of the inspiration for today’s activities. You cannot take action if the mind is wandering and confused in a world of intended disruptions designed to paralyze you and make you so uncertain that you cannot feel motivated to move.
But what will make you want to take action rather than be controlled by those in power that are intentionally using your “reactions” to prove their point?
You are not a puppet on a string.
You are a true, blue American whose blood is the blood of those that sought, fought, and died for freedom?
You are the children of those who gave everything to protect what is right and good in the world?
Or are you the victim of so many conspiracy theories that you collapse into powerlessness?
In life there are moments when repeatedly you are given a chance to change and step up and step into your potential.
I personally have never seen so many moments present … back-to-back. That tells me a lot about the universal faith and belief in the process that humanity is presently experiencing. It tells me that the universe knows the correct path and is relentless in presenting it again and again. And it will continue to do that until the number of people that step up are enough to overthrow the powers that want to destroy. And that makes me have faith and hope in humanity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mercury opposes Pluto early in the morning. Allow yourself extra time and avoid difficult conversations for the next couple of days. The Moon starts out in Capricorn so keep a low profile and accomplish tangible tasks. But by 2 pm Eastern Time, it will go into Aquarius. A huge breath of fresh air should bring you out of the darkness and into the light.
The Sun squares Venus and semi-squares Uranus. Expect abrupt changes and you might just see the true character of a person emerge out of the mask they have been showing you. Many things will seem out of control.
While you can disrupt your routines again and again, it is exhausting you and also darkening your mood. It is unsettling to be constantly asked to adjust. Especially when you are adjusting to things that are not rational, reasonable, or useful.
Why should you have to adjust to a leader’s insanity?
You shouldn’t!
You should never ever do such a thing!
It is disgusting and distasteful. Like swallowing a small amount of poison every day. If you love yourself, will stick to that which is healthy and helpful. If you care about the well-being of others you will stick up for them when challenged. If you are in your heart a person who is ruled by universal law rather than human law, you will not be able to surrender all that is true and good in the world.
There is a stronger than normal desire to express the freedoms and independence that is the basis of our society. We are a group of beings whose ancestors fought to break the chains of societies that imposed restrictions and took away freedoms. While at moments that desire for freedom will cause our judgment to be impaired and reactive, it will also not allow for crushing and demoralizing rules and laws to be inflicted upon them for long.
Freedom is fueled by buried frustrations.
Freedom requires that you learn from your mistakes.
Freedom accepts the risks and acts rather than reacts.
~Suzanne Wagner~

August Astrology

The New Moon in Cancer on July 20th, has brought a fresh start were old issues were being laid to rest so you could move forward in new ways. While it had a feeling of urgency, you could not really do the steps that you wanted as quickly as expected. What it did do was point out the great value of our friends and how important they are to us in this crazy world we are in. We can clearly see now that our sanity and sounding board is our friendships and family. They are a touchstone to the familiar and the parts of ourself that we are desperate to reconnect too.
There are some challenges from the Full Moon on Aug 3 to the 15th, so just don’t try to go faster than you are able right now. Pushing will not get you the results from the past. It is a small peek into the places we are going to traverse for the next few years starting more in December. It reminds us that friendship, community, and moving forward is the doorway to a societies healthy progression.
We begin to see that if one of us fails …. we all begin to fail. If one group is targeted then breakdown increases quickly on a societal level. The recognition that we are one global, human family becomes more than just an ideal but a truth that is holding this world and global peace together.
Those that hide in the need to separate and divide are exposed for what they really  are … afraid. And completely out of touch with the progression of humanity and the astrology. From this point on, they will lose credibility and power. Just know that a wounded animal is more dangerous when cornered.
In August, some of the personal planets are giving us a break until Mars turns retrograde September 9th. But do not underestimate the continued upsets that will plague us and that will continue to arise because of the stresses of the pandemic.
Take a moment in August to grab “personal” time for yourself. Given the current restrictions that could be challenging. But there is a way to try by getting out in nature. Go have a picnic by the river and swim. Go take an epic hike that you have always wanted to do.
When there is an opportunity to play under a Leo Sun as it harmonizes with Venus and passes through nurturing Cancer starting August 7, I would take it. Go ahead! Get out, go, and de-stress because the Fall Season is going to be a wild event.
Saturn forms a quintile to Chiron on August 12th. It did this in December of 2019 and it will do it again on September 25th  this year. It may give you a feeling of competence and help you feel a bit more secure in your position and responsibilities. It is important to take the best of tradition and to move that forward in alignment with the needs and desires of the people of this time and place. Too often people want to fall back into the “the way it used to be”. But the truth is that nothing about this moment is familiar to anyone alive. It is ridiculous to pretend (and it is a sign of delusion) to be in the 1950’s again. So much is different and while you can look back at that nostalgically, it is time to let it go and deal with what is right in front of us now. We clearly need to go in some very new and unique ways. The problems from the past seem like child’s play compared to what is unfolding now. How does one allow your own unique perspective to mature and move forward in a natural process of evolution? How do we allow everyone to learn through trial and error without stirring up so much conflict, upset, and controversy?
That is going to be our challenge for decades.
So take it slow and find a doorway through that you can navigate with steady determination and relentless commitment.
Uranus goes retrograde on the 15th, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath. It gives us a chance to go inside to discover what has been holding us back. Your authentic self is calling you to wakefulness. Your rebellious side takes a temporary back seat and has a chance to look at structure and strategy to move forward.

The big focus for the entire month (and that you will not be able to avoid) is the Mars in Aries aspect that will continue through the middle of January 2021. This explosive aspect makes the rage and anger inside want to come out at someone or something. I expect it to continue to feel as if something big is building up with many moments of explosive, combative, and hateful expressions. This aspect hitting us for so long can bring out the most distasteful qualities of humanity.
It makes a challenging “square” to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This will occur on August 4, 13 and 24 and repeats itself in two more sets of three into January. To say this makes the energy a bit choppy is an understatement. To maneuver through the month without problems, you are going to have to pace yourself.
By the middle of the month, all of the outer planets (from Jupiter to Pluto) are retrograde. It is common for the outer planets to spend several months retrograde, but not common that they are all doing it at the same time.
Because of many things including that the Covid virus is still highly active, nothing is going to move well for months. While you may feel things change as we get into October (as the planets all start going forward). The forward motion happening close to the same time creates a volatility and an explosive quality.
Something I am not looking forward to right before the election. You probably need to prepare for violence that will happen before and after the election. When planets move forward they tend to lurch forward. And with the heat of Mars in Aries under their butt, I expect it to be quite stunning to behold. Do not underestimate this process. There are many things that have built up and that house of cards is already collapsing.
While some astrologers keep saying that October will be more positive, I beg to differ. Though I do think you will see a shift more after the third of the three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions on November 12th.
I think that we don’t really have a break in this intensity until Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn December 15th and 17th respectively and go into Aquarius. And when we get to the December 21st conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn finally now housed and cozy in Aquarius, is there a small breath of hope and fresh air.
There is a New Moon on the 18th of August in Leo, a perfect time to explore your special and unique ways that have been shelved for many years. It is a perfect moment to be more silly and to giggle and laugh with friends. Do some creative projects that seem a bit out of the ordinary. Stretch a little. There is plenty of stretching happening in so many uncomfortable areas, why not try some that are fun and playful?

~Suzanne Wagner~


Freedom is fueled
by buried frustrations.
Freedom requires
that you learn
from your mistakes.
Freedom accepts the risks
and acts rather than reacts.
Freedom is the knowing
that you can fly
even when you are caged.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I am so proud the Americans that have attempted to keep their civility in this time of great upset and intensity. I commend the patience of Americans that believe in the potential for Freedom and those that are actively standing up for those that are the targets of hate.
While we have a very long way to go, the fact is that many show the determination that is the fire in the heart of America.

Know that the road ahead is very bumpy. Know that lives will be lost to hate and as the cornered, wounded, animals of power and corruption realize that their reign is over and lash out with all they have, in a fight to the death.
Those in power intend to destroy as much of our old America as possible. They want to cripple freedom and break the heart of soul of this country. And they will fail.
You cannot take freedom away from souls that have tasted the sweetness of it. When the people have touched true liberty it ignites a fire inside the soul that will not be extinguished.

That is because the astrology shows that a new way is now the only way. And while the old way needed to be destroyed, it now shows us in blatant clarity the corruption that has infected this country for way too long.
As painful as that is, that is a truth that allows us to heal in its bitter taste.
We are shifting in more dramatic ways than you could possibly believe. The world ahead will not look like the world behind us. We are all here to mold that reality into something that works for all of us, not just a privileged few.
That is what America is about.
That is what creates the abundant spirit of America.
That is my country that used to stand for something in the world.
That is what the people will demand and that will be the ongoing battle as we wrestle control of our country from those that want to bleed it dry of its resources, it’s hope, it’s freedoms, and it’s potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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