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Numerology/Astrology for 8/3/20

8/3/20 is the number 6.
If you add the 8 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15.
1 + 5 = 6.
You are going to feel as if you are living in a bubble. And to some extent you are. But that bubble is leaking air into another world, preparing it to be infused with the life and vitality that you know you will need to carry you forward. As you use this day to contemplate and meditate (this is call the Hermit Number), you will see that the old world is destroying itself from the inside out. And something new is beginning to rise out of the ashes. While all things take time in this critical creation phase, you can feel it beginning. And that is a light that is beaconing you in the darkness to get up and move towards that light. Because that light is you. That light is within you. And the doorway through to that new world must first be touched by moving past the mind and into the heart. Within your heart is that soul that knows the pathway through chaos and into a better future. Trust that. It is time to stop listening to the minds that want to confuse and deceive.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today is the Full Moon in Aquarius. This Moon is squaring its own revolutionary planet Uranus. There is a lot of intensity on many levels and for some of you it feels deeply personal. The Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius adding one more square into the mix. You can use this energy in a constructive way by stepping outside of your normal routine. This quarantine and those that have really tried to practice isolation over these many months really feel the need to run and find some freedom and change. I personally am going to go to the river and swim and have a picnic. You too should take a break in some way.

There have been so many demonstrations going on because Uranus is anything but peaceful. Expect those tensions to escalate.
Just remember that a sane government is not (in America) supposed to harm its own people. But we are now embarking into a domain that is going to be not remotely sane. So buckle up …. buttercups. It is going to get wild and wooly from this point forward.

This Full Moon in Aquarius gives more energy to groups and organizations. Realize we are moving forward in the astrology and whether anyone likes it or not … the Aquarian Age is being born. And when we get to December with Saturn and Jupiter going into Aquarius, there will be no stopping the innovation and forward progression that this present government has been trying to interrupt. Remember that Aquarius rules the internet. Notice that this one innovation is saving our economy from complete and total breakdown in this pandemic. It is a major miracle in this world of change even though humanity is not mature enough to know completely how to use the amazing toy just quite yet.

This Leo Sun wants to open hearts, restore kindness and civility. And it wants us to smile, share, and play.

Uranus in Taurus squaring is the wild card that disrupts the status quo. No matter what, this indicates that our values and our material world … are changing. The “old school” thinking is now so out of touch with where we need to go and those still clinging to the past will suffer greatly as they are yanked into the forward motion of the new world that is unfolding. Sometime much bigger than is forcing an evolution of consciousness.

Impatient Mars in Aries is squaring, “do-it-big” or “Go Home” Jupiter. This means that something is happening that is so huge, that all of us are being asked to be patient as the biggest life changes in your reality are being implemented.
You are going to have to relax in this huge wave. You are going to have to let it carry you forward and not resist. This force is massive and you will not be able to swim against this current. You will have to find a way to feel comfortable with the unfolding changes.
The way I handle this seemingly insane moment in history, is that I tell myself that when I was a child I knew this moment was going to come in my life. I knew and spoke throughout the 1990-2013 that each person was going to need to have that inner connection to their highest self and inner guides and angels to navigate it. That each person was going to be given a choice and that choice was to step into your highest and most integrated self or that many people would be leaving the planet.
And here we are with many leaving this world. And I am not sure you are even noticing how many are dying even when it is not related to the pandemic.
It is time to stand proud and become that spirit that was born in fire and passion. It is time to choose your values and align with those that support community, safety, and health. It is time to recognize the deep conflicts in our world and actively move towards doing something to heal them and align constructively with others.
Know that the voices are going to become louder and stronger. Those voices are raw with emotion and suffering.
Past attitudes that perpetuate suffering are illuminated and exposed. Those that have been overlooked are awakening to the realization that they do have power to change this world as long as we work together. This Full Moon pulls at the deepest strings of our human nature.
Mercury opposes Saturn in the afternoon. Know that all forms of transportation may seem frustrating and delayed. Try your best to not criticize others. They are as challenged as you. Rely on your intelligence to help you get through it all. Stay in as practical of a mindset as you can and be realistic in your goals.

~Suzanne Wagner~


All life is to be respected and revered.
All life has a meaning and a purpose.
You do not get to judge which life
has more or less value.
That life has something to show you.
A perspective and function that
you may have overlooked.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Let’s talk about what fighting really is.
There are many types of fighting that we are witnessing in the world right now.
Some fights are with the self.
Some fights are about events or circumstances.
Some fights are for love and connection.
Some fights are within the mind.
Some fights are in the heart.
But all fights are for a purpose.
You know that intuitively when you begin to feel that fight inside your soul arise.
We want to fight because we can never see past the choices we have not yet made.
We want to fight because the present reality is not good enough or right.
We want to fight to make our world better.
But we cannot see anything in this world that we are not willing to understand.
And in this world, the decision to fight for something is the beginning journey for you to find your purpose.
Purpose is the moment that you begin to create something that you need to succeed in a new domain and one that you do not yet have the answers too.
That desire to fight ignites purpose.
The stronger the desire, the more intense is the fight.
The more you are willing to put everything on the line in that fight … the more meaning and depth that purpose is to you.
That is how you find a powerful and impactful purpose in life.
Humanity seeks blindly for meaning and purpose in the shallow graves of the past.
All you need to do to find your purpose is discover what you are willing to die for.
At the edge of death is always a new life.
Your willingness to stand at that edge will show you the pathway to that purpose.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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