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Numerology/Astrology for 8/4/19

8/4/19 is the number 6. I love the quiet of the number six. The emptiness of no-mind. The solitude of stillness. And the acceptance of this moment as perfect. When we are in that place of center, all things are perfect just as they are. And you can feel into to what is really important in the world. You can discover magic that sits just below thought. You feel into the interconnectedness of all life and realize that you are a part of that great matrix. Then you appreciate the smallest thing to the largest one. Certain things do not become an annoyance but an essential piece in a greater whole.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Libra Moon expect this weekend to have a social quality. Enjoy family picnics and gatherings with friends. Affection and togetherness feel more centered and feed you energetically.

If you like to get up early (like I do), there is a lovely Mercury for those brave souls that want to wake up sparkly and open to learning. It will be a great morning for writing and journaling. Things you love will flow well and love you back.

All in all, it is a lovely interactive day that you blend with your environment. There is a small quincunx between Mars and Pluto that can make it difficult for some to let go and bring up old concerns and frustrations. You will notice it more if you have been holding onto anger, resentment, or competitive feelings. And it may be hard to figure out how to express those in ways that are constructive.

While you may want to be right, what will that get you? Not much in this world where lies have become the norm. Learn to not push. Everyone is on a path that is for their own learning and growth. You cannot stop others from manifesting choices that are a part of their karma.

Later in the day the Sun-Neptune biquintile will inspire you to new levels of interaction and connection.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Scientists willing to risk their reputations
on higher dimensions soon found
themselves ridicules by the scientific
community. Higher-dimensional space
became the last refuge for mystics,
cranks, and charlatans.

~Michio Kaku~







In our interconnected world, we
must learn to feel enlarged, not
threatened, by difference – that is
what I have argued.
~Jonathan Sacks~


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