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Numerology/Astrology for 8/4/20

8/4/20 is the number 7.
If you add the 8 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16.
1 + 6 = 7.
All life has a purpose and a plan through which it experiences this world. How our DNA is configured gives us access to certain experiences, focus, and patterns of life. Part of learning and expansion in life is to step beyond just our own narrow band of existence. To look out of the eyes of our own reality and take in the perspective of other lifeforms in this world is the way to learn compassion and let go of mental judgment and prejudice. That is what the number 7 is all about. To see and understand the patterns inherit within life, is part of this life’s purpose. The number 7 is about stepping past the rhythms that are convenient and comfortable to us and to be willing to step into another unfamiliar way to see this life and this world. When you do that enough with a sense of fluidity then you are beginning to learn about the power of shapeshifting. When you learn to move and flow the way another life form does, you can fool others into seeing what you are embodying rather than your human form. Today, step into the life force energy of a bird or a deer. Feel into their body, their mind, and look out through their eyes. Breathe the way they breathe. Feel into the priorities that their life is the expression and embodiment of. You will learn a lot. I have always learned more through stepping past my own perspective than staying within my own. I have gained great insight into present problems by asking for answers and then stepping into the body of birds and animals and having them give me their perspective as to how they see me and my situation.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

As you wake up on Tuesday, Mars will be making a challenging square aspect to Jupiter. I will feel like you are being pushed from behind but you do not need to go faster  or take on some crazy amount of responsibility. You will probably need to do something physical to dissipate this intensity. Be aware that overdoing it could trigger you to get injured. Hasty action is not a good idea. Many people are getting riled up and the potential for making a mountain out of a molehill are high.

Don’t try to do any predictive things as you might be overestimating your abilities. Much more information needs to be included before you come to real conclusions. I remind everyone here that what is unfolding is going to take time with all these planets in winter signs. Things are still frozen. Movement is painfully slow and no one is going to get the actions and results that they want.

There is a Venus/Saturn quincunx in the evening. Over focus on what you think and want will make you lose sight of what is most important. One side of you wants to fulfill your personal desires while another part of you knows that you have to take responsibility for your actions. You are caught between your primal mind and your higher mind. Choosing one exclusively will make you completely miss out on something essential for your next steps.

Mercury goes into Leo in the evening and will be there until August 19th. Bringing a more open and generous desire to communicate in ways that are enriching and supportive.

The Moon shifts out of innovative Aquarius as you go to bed and it will move into the emotionally sensitive sign of Pisces. Just know that this makes that reactive side of your nature higher for the next few days.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Within each of us are many power animals.
They are there to give us insight and perspective
beyond what we can presently understand.
The more you integrate various power animals
into your consciousness, the more signals you
will receive and more information will come
into your consciousness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In my past I worked with many various shaman and I have been trained in the many shamanic systems from the North and South American traditions. I have enjoyed the journey to discover the tools that have guided so many along the “Good Red Road”. One of the tools that impacted me the most were the many journeys in discovering and opening to the power animals that I hold within my being. Those power animals have taught me so much about a world of which I have never experienced. Their knowledge and wisdom has enhanced and enlivened me far beyond anything I could have expected. It is a path worthy of experiencing. You will discover strengths and the places that you judge as being weak.
But I learned something from this journey and that is that a person will all predator power animals is cruel, cold, ruthless and calculating.
A person with only prey animals is a victim, powerless, afraid, and careful.
A balanced person or a true shaman has access to all of them.
Predator and prey.
That is because the predator within us needs to feed on the prey power animals within. If they do not have that internally then those predator animals will prey on others in the external world.
When you look at hunters that are ruthless and feel that they can kill anything they want …. Those people are dominant in predator power animals. They thrive on the hunt and the kill. They cannot see that they are polarized to one side. They need to feel in control and powerful. They are afraid to be vulnerable or a victim. They will do anything to maintain that stance of intimidation. But they are out of balance. And such people are a danger this planet if laws and rules do not keep them in check.
And there are those people that always seem to fall victim to those that take advantage of them, rip them off, wound them, and manipulate them. Those people are more connected to the prey animals within. They fear becoming powerful and using that power over others in ways that will cause more suffering. So they believe that being a sacrificial lamb is the way to goodness, the divine, and a higher calling. They fear the influence that could happen if they step into their inner predator. They fear their own power. And those people will not stand up when challenged. They can become the mindless slaves of the others and become trapped in their own inner pain and misery.
But eventually everyone has to become more integrated in this world of duality and polarity. Full integration allows for a more balanced perspective. There are moments when you will need that predator part of yourself and you will need to step up and into a place where others recognize that power and that messing with you is probably a very…very bad idea.
And there are moments when you realize that softening your stance and becoming inclusive is more helpful that forcing your will on others. While some might see that as weak, when you are fulling integrated it becomes a choice, a tactic, and a manner that promotes peaceful resolution.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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