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Numerology/Astrology for 8/9/21

8/9/21 is the number = 22

Add the 8 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 22. Or 2 + 2 = 4.

Today the Number 4 makes me wish for a better world. One with more balance.
I wish for a world without all the conflict and hate.
I wish for a world where it would be a crime for the news to lie and intend to cause more suffering.
I wish for a world where fairness is embraced and those that have more, would naturally intend to do good with it.

But we are not in that world, and we will not see that world in my lifetime. But that does not mean that all is lost.
We can teach those in our world how to value and protect those that need it the most. We can learn to be generous and supportive. We can teach others how to discern and discover truth. We can learn how to not support systems that continue to divide and promote toxicity. We can learn restraint.
And we can learn how to find peace within that is so strong that others want to find that peace by being in our presence.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Leo until mid-morning. Then it moves into Virgo. Meticulousness will become the motto for the rest of the day. Putting things together with planning and insight is needed. While the rest of the astrology tries to distract us from what we need to accomplish, at least this Moon gives us the necessary structure to keep on the path towards our goals.

Neptune and Venus will be in opposition and many things can feel irritating and like trying to catch Moonbeams in our hands. We are not sure what to believe. We are not sure what steps to take next. We are not sure if we are fighting our consciousness or the expectations of others that they are holding over our head.

We are all tired. Tired to the bone. We want to feel better. We want to have our energy back. We want so much more in life but so much has become dysfunctional. Be careful to not let desperation make you manifest more problems by over-spending or indulgences. There is too much still uncertain, and life is just not in a place where we can move into the expectations of the past or believing in an unrealistic future.

At this time many are vulnerable to the world’s deceptions or the deceptions that our own mind plays upon us.

Decisions are not advised today. Too much is unclear. Stay on a path of consistency. What arises now is important but confusing. That is why we need to take our time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I wish to howl in the night sky.

I wish to become one with nature before I die.

I know that life can show the way.

I know that tomorrow is not guaranteed today.

I hear the call of my wild heart.

I want to take leave of this insanity and depart.

I want to run free with those of my kin.

I want to be at peace within.

I find that too many have lost sight of the good.
They listen to everything bad rather than to what they should.
My wild soul will return to the land of man.
When there is a major shift in the human clan.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We have the power to be so kind.

We have the intelligence to not be blind.
We have the skills to learn as we go.
We have the willingness to discover what we don’t know.

I know we can do so much more.

I can see we have created what is in store.

Fires burn all the way to the sea.

Such moments are not just about you and me.

They are about the terrible cost

That we have allowed our governments to exhaust.

We are exhausted by the delays and denial.

We are fed up with the complaining on both sides of the aisle.

Those that will not try to help in small ways.

Are completely responsible for this hateful blaze.

I care not what they say or do.

They are hurting our future and they are hurting this world too.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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