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Numerology/Astrology for 9/10/17
9/10/17 is the number 2. In a world gone mad with all the intensity that you see it is important to know that learning from moments and situations is very important. All life is doing it attempting to teach you things and show you where you are not fully mature in your outlook, decisions and choices, and emotional reactions. It takes often big hits to force us out of particular positions and perspectives. Duality forces us to look at where we separated from the whole. When life becomes them against us, you have stepped out of oneness and into the comparative world of the mind. But this world is not the mind. The mind only attempts to make sense out of data that is filtering in. And while there is always more data than the mind can hold, it then has preferences that screen out sometimes things that are critical to making good choices and decisions.
The Moon spends the day in Taurus, harmonizing with the Sun in Virgo as well as Neptune and Pluto. This is a steady position of the Moon that encourages you to enjoy life and appreciate what you have right now in your life. There can be a slowing down with this transit – a stabilizing of your feelings and considerably less urgency. It’s a good time for enjoying outings, music, the arts, and gatherings. It’s a strong influence for money as well. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and you find a sense of peace and contentment with that which is familiar and reliable. You instinctively know that patience is required for matters to naturally move forward.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Give another what they are afraid to ask for.
Give another what your heart feels they need.
Give another what is important for them to grow.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I have a friend right now riding out the hurricane. I am of course very concerned for her and her mother’s well-being. But I learned something a long time ago. You cannot do someone’s karma for them. When someone is working through some karmic pattern, those options and choices seem very restricted, even when there are always options. My sister road out the hurricane that hit Galveston in 1983, (Hurricane Alicia). It was not supposed to hit Galveston but at the last minute turned in the middle of the night without enough time for a real warning. My sister woke up from her house literally breathing. She had a 1900 house that was made of wood that survived the hurricane from 1900 that was devastating to that area. As it was an old wood house with poor insulation in the heat of Galveston, the slats in the walls separated with the wind and rain and light were coming in through the wallpaper that had been put up over the wood slats. She said it really did sound like a freight train. They survived the night and the house was still standing but she said, never again would she attempt to stay in an area with a hurricane coming if she had any choice to leave. I pray for those whose karmic choice is to have this experience for whatever reason. I have to trust that there is a bigger message and lesson that is attempting to break through our mental limitations.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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