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Numerology/Astrology for 9/10/19

9/10/19 is the number 4. To have balance it is first best to know yourself, your values, your morals, your intention, and your purpose in this world. Once you know those things you can weather the ups and downs of life without upset and drama. Life has its moments of dramatic intensity and transformational progression. And often that is because of a deep need that the world is asking for. I believe that the people who can save us from ourselves are already here on this planet. They were waiting for the call from us. Waiting for technology to catch up so they can give their gifts and insights. I believe we need to listen to the voices of the young and recognize that perhaps they carry insights that are essential to bring humanity back into balance. It is clear that most of the ”old guard” is either incapable or unwilling to do what is necessary to leap into this new world. And while it is the fault of those that obstructed healthy progress. It is time for them to step aside and allow those that know and have the intentions of kindness and goodness to do what they came to do. Letting go is sometimes a form of balance. Fighting to maintain control in a world that is slipping from your fingers is a lost cause anyway.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Sun and Neptune are in opposition today and it will last for the next two days. This can cause confusion, insecurity, wild dreams, and a feeling of foreboding. You feel less capable and your ego might take a few hits. Consider your life and what you want. Don’t make any monumental decisions or choices as your thinking is a bit skewed. Know that in this moment you have to consider what you really want to do and recognize that to do that you will have to change and effort is going to be required. Right now, awareness is going to be enough. Let the tentacles of intention begin to weave a new reality around that understanding. It will take some time but know that your intention right now is beginning a path to your future. In love, might have a few bumps. The profligacy of governments in this world are more obvious and you have to see it to be willing to change it. Do not let your shallowness and lack of confidence make you do things that are unreasonable. There can be a tendency to self-deception. Honestly look at the risks and solve problems with emotional depth and content that makes a difference in the real world. You must be careful to not fall victim to your own illusions. Perhaps one more trip into your old beliefs is what is needed to finally let them go. Perhaps you needed to be called out about something that has been off. It is never pleasant to get called on the carpet but it is the only way to grow in knowledge and eventually wisdom.

The Moon is still in the open minded place of Aquarius but it also is squaring Taurus. Do your best to keep an even temper. Many around you are in highly changeable moods. It might be difficult to keep up with it all. Restrain impulses or you will be apologizing a lot.

The Sun forms a parallel to the Wounded/Healer/Teacher Chiron today. You feel ready to learn, grow, and improve yourself.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What I embrace are the young hearts
that see past the wounding of those
still in hate and prejudice.
What I embrace are those that will not
follow where powerful people lead
when they are wrong
and moving from hate.
What I embrace is that spark
of humanity within the
potential of suffering.

~Suzanne Wagner~







To those that go out of their way to care for others, their neighbors, children, and the elderly, I salute you!

You are the continued unsung heroes in a world where dysfunction claims the limelight. Why are we so fascinated with the terrible distortions of the walking wounded and those that are mentally unstable?

I suppose it is to learn and to be able to recognize types of dysfunction and never be fooled again. It is important to notice the subtle, tell-tale verbal and physical responses that indicate dangerous patterns of behavior.

Without that recognition it cannot be called out.

Without a society that is educated as to the dysfunctional mental and emotional markers that indicate a major problem, society will continue to go down this path of enabling. And that allows for unqualified people to have authority over others. Putting themselves and others at risk.

I personally intend to never let a person have autonomy over myself or my choices.
The laws of man have no bearing if they come from dysfunction and greed.

I choose to live by sacred laws and those laws are crystal clear. You do not follow anyone, any religion, any philosophy, any belief system that intentionally causes harm to any other living thing.

That is the highest law of souls who see the progression of consciousness and choose the path of compassion and kindness.

Then life is very simple.

You have to call out those that cause harm and suffering.

It is your duty for the advancement of your soul.

Convenience is an entrapment of the ego.

Conscious beings recognize that to do the right thing will often take more effort.

Clearly, we are being asked to become more conscious of our actions, choices, beliefs, and what we energetically support. Such things cannot be random anymore. All movement must be carefully considered before being implemented.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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