September 10, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/11/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/11/16

9/11/16 is the number 2. There is the spiritual side of your essence and the human side of your essence. Today, those seem in contrary positions creating a bit of strain as you move through your day. It is not hopeless it just may feel like it. Past situations seem to haunt your mind and you could find yourself going over it again and again if you do not choose to interrupt your ridiculous musings. The past is what it is and it cannot be changed. Release understanding what happened and just move into acceptance. It will be much easier in the long run. All you have to remember is that you made the best choice based on the circumstances and information you had at the time. Life shapes us and molds us into forms that push us into the places where we are still growing. That is part of the grand design. You do not need to do everything perfectly the first time. You are a work in progress. Venus forms a square to Pluto early today, stimulating intense passions, but there’s a hidden agenda. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness are going to run high, especially if triggered by a fear of losing someone or something. Social interactions may provoke intense emotional exchanges. Changes in financial status or relationships may occur now. Emotions and issues in a close relationship that have been working in the background can now emerge, possibly in unexpected or uncomfortable ways, but can also be very revealing. The Moon is in practical Capricorn all day, encouraging your ambitions and resourcefulness, and harmonizing well with the Virgo Sun. These earthy energies support one another. This is a day to be capable and cooperative, although it can also make you a bit slightly too serious for your own good.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Love others while you can. Love before your body becomes dust. Love as much as you can because that love expands your soul essence and it is the only thing you can take to the other side. It is the echo of that memory that will remain etched into the hearts of others and will live on forever. It is through your love that you become immortal.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We think that we can only love one other person. To love others fully is somehow either wrong or not possible. It is possible and it is not wrong. Each person draws out a different type of love from our core. Some cannot handle the full force of your heart because they feel unworthy and are still learning to love themself. It is harmful to give more love than a person can receive because it makes them feel again, not good enough. It is a skill of finesse to gage how much a person can hold without shutting down. It is your job to discover all the shades of your love, all the colors and flavors of that love, and to not make only one love special but to expand your heart so wide that every person you touch feels that special way that you connect with them and love them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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