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Numerology/Astrology for 9/11/17
9/11/17 is the number 3. Yes, the roller-coaster ride just does not seem to end. But somewhere each of you have chosen to be here at this time on this planet to have these experiences. There is a type of courage and deep inner strength that manifests in such moments. First it is a type of ability to keep on keeping on. Second it is the breaking open of compassion to uncover the deeper layers of your heart. This one allows you to learn how little value the mental beliefs and constant chattering of the mind really have in times of great struggle and conflict. Hopefully we are learning a deeper level of compassion and acceptance. There is only one way through such times and that is to work together towards laws and rules that allow for opportunity and growth for all.
The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until 3:30 PM EDT, favoring a down-to-earth, familiar, or traditional approach to your day, after which you become more communicative and curious with the Moon’s transit of Gemini. The Moon’s square to Mercury and then Mars as these bodies move towards another conjunction can point to building tension related to differences of opinion or worries about deadlines. There can be mental pressures and stress later today. This is not the best time for making or seeking commitments.

~Suzanne Wagner~



You are made to be strong.
You are made to be
your own hero or heroine.
The blood of your ancestors
beats in your heart and soul.
Because of them
you have resilience
in your very blood.
~Suzanne Wagner~


This last weekend’s workshop, “Shades of Intimacy”, was such a beautiful expression of the power of true heart opening. The participants were so willing to open and expand their capacity to love in new and authentic ways. Together we journeyed deep into the places that have never been touched or loved on the emotional levels and discovered that through play and joy you can find new and ever expanding ways to have deeper intimacy, but first it helps to be open and to reclaim the vulnerability that you have been protecting for so long. You cannot really feel love when you are contracted down around your own wounding. It is in the choice to do the necessary steps to discover your deepest self that you learn how to make the pain and wounding of your past into something of great beauty and art. This weekend, each person learned (in their own way) that their suffering gives the flavors and colors of your expression of passion and compassion for others. That accepting your totally is the way to connect fully with others. And that there are many undiscovered territories yet to uncover. We are all on a journey together and in this moment, we danced to a unique symphony of co-created music and harmonies. Thank you to all the brave hearts that gave it their all this weekend. It was an honor to witness the unfolding of such power, grace, and beauty.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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