August 31, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/16 – Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/16

9/1/16 is the number 10. Here we are at the eclipse day. Most of you have been feeling the energy coming on and there is a distinct shift in the way you are experiencing reality. That is good but also very difficult. It is hard to step out of illusion and into reality when you have been so energetically hooked into a pattern of perception that is not grounded in truth. Each of us is awakening out of some sort of perceptive illusion and that is essential to becoming who we really are not who we think we are. I always find it fascinating how this works between the numerology and the astrology. Switching months and beginning again with the number 1 we suddenly shift from the number 3 of yesterday to the number 10. And how perfect that is. It is a power day and there is nothing as powerful as a solar eclipse and this one is a doozy. We have not seen one like this in our life with the North Node in Opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Shifts on many levels are going to unfold over the next year, as solar eclipses have that long of an impact on us. It is a power day (number 10). It is a day for change (the number 1) and this heavy dose of realism seems forced upon us. It is up to us to measure up to our own expectations in ways that allow a new confidence to open and a place where we own up to the responsibilities that are ours and ours alone. At 5:03 AM EDT today, a partial Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Virgo. This powerful New Moon may be felt as much as six months from now and is the final Solar Eclipse in a set. The Lunar Eclipse in February 2017 will be the final eclipse in a set that began in March 2015 and fell along the Virgo-Pisces axis. In the sign of Virgo, work and health matters will be a major focus on a personal level. This Solar Eclipse is about new beginnings regarding work, attention to details, fitness, health regimes, and daily routines. This is a time when your focus shifts to the places of how to build personal power, to learn discrimination, to become more pro-active and to create routines that actually help you manage your life in a more mindful and conscious way. You are now in a time you must learn to master the “little” details of your daily life in a more organized manner so that you can free your mind of clutter. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention. Flaws in your reality are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting you to redo or to start fresh. You may find yourself completely re-working a pattern in a very new way. Expect to wrestle with your ego’s expectations and perceptions as the eclipse opposes Neptune and squares Saturn. The Sun squares Saturn tonight, and as you finally and squarely face the obstacles to your goals, you will begin to see the tools with which you have to overcome them.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“This task was appointed to you, Frodo of the Shire. If you don’t find a way, no one will.” (Galadriel in Lord of the Rings) ~Tolkien!


I picked this quote because this quote is the theme for this pattern astrologically with the Solar Eclipse and the North Node (in Virgo) in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and that Squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Each of us can see a task that needs to be done. It will not be an easy task. It is going to take all your energy and will power to shift your reality from illusion to truth. And it is going to take more time than you wanted to put into it. That is why you have avoided it and tried to put it off and hold it away from your consciousness. It is not fun when you recognize how off track you have gotten and how much energy you have wasted wallowing in the stuck places and complacent projections of others and your own mind. It is now clear that it is you that has to change. You cannot wait for others to see what you see or to act upon what you need. Everyone will be consumed for a while in their own patterns that are unraveling faster than then can manage. This life is your assignment. This pattern that is presenting is your challenge and task to find a way through and to discover something about yourself that you did not know. You have a strength (like a Hobbit) that is not so obvious. But that power is a power that others may not have and even a small power such as Frodo’s where he does not get caught up in the darkness of a ring of power is a very formidable power. You have to discover what is less than obvious inside you. You have to find a place that is perhaps not flashy and noticeable but a power that holds a place in time and space that can change the course of your life. And in doing that, you change the course of others lives also.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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