August 31, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/19

9/1/19 is the number 4. We start out the month by going back to what is important.  The first day of the month sets the stage for the entire focus of this month’s lessons and agenda. In this case, it is about reclaiming balance and harmony. We are preparing for the year 2020 (which numerologically will be a number 4). But right now 2019 is a number 3. And we are obviously dealing with the chaos and confusion of the number 3. Everyone feels as if they are on a ride that they can’t get off and it is making them motion sick from the constant disruption that keeps happening. And no matter what anyone does it just seems to get worse. So today, we are asked again to reclaim our own center and balance. If we cannot do it for ourself, how are we supposed to do it for the world. And the world is tremendously out of balance. First we have to know who we are and what we are here to do. They we have to give that gift to the world, self-less-ly and without thought for personal gain. It is no longer about asking the question, “What am I going to get out of it?” It is about actively doing things that will make a difference for your children’s children. A fool only wants to impact the world to get his own way. A fool makes choices that cause harm and are intended to leave the world in a worse place. A wise person knows how to take actions that will impact the future positively. Even if he never sees the results of his labor in his lifetime.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

What are your future goals? Today is a great day to set that compass in a direction because of the positive connection between Mercury and Uranus. Unusual thinking has a doorway to make sense in your mind. So make some notes for later. The ideas are flowing and you never know what will be critical at a later time.

The trine between Venus and Saturn is great for analysis and getting a focus for you to get through some things. Concentration is easier and your stamina is strong. Honesty more easily reveals itself and there is a solid feeling in your body today.

Mercury and Uranus also trine and so you will feel creative and authentic in your actions. You ambition is directed to do work that is detailed and conscientious.

The Moon in Libra squaring Saturn is putting a few obstacles in you path. Remember to restrain intense impulses or that melancholy and unhappiness could magnify.

The Moon in Libra sextile Jupiter is great for social media and feeling that connection to what is most important to you at this time. Your artistic side is attractive to others and appears optimistic.

It will be a busy week and that combines with the high energy hitting you astrologically. For some of you this weekend is about resting, napping, and regenerating. But for others you might want to do something out of the ordinary. Just don’t overdo it. Getting too “hung-ho” right now is not advised even though you are at the end of the summer and you might feel that this is it, so you should do it while the weather is perfect.

Just remember that under this astrology, reliability is very attractive to others. Stay grounded, get stuff done that you promised, and know that follow through is essential.

Overall, in September, Mars is getting you moving on those projects that had stalled over the summer. While the planets connect in various ways ranging from harmonious to challenging, know that at least you are finally able to push forward again. Jupiter shifted in August but now in September it is really going for it and its present task is to restructure your life. Saturn moves forward again on the 18th of September and you will feel that you have decided to burn those bridges behind you. No one else is coming and it is time to go ahead with your life. Some people will not be able to follow you and waiting will not change that circumstance. Pluto will go direct in early October, so it will station in September and you will feel that beginning shift. Karmic circumstances are not holding you back the way they were all summer. You will be able to refocus and plow forward. The Harvest Moon is on Friday the 13th, and it aligns with Neptune. Pay attention to your dreams. Vision is opening up and new perspectives are coming in.

~Suzanne Wagner~


A fool only wants to impact
the world to get his own way.
A wise person knows how
to take actions that will
impact the future positively.
Even if he never sees in his life
the results of his labor.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I recognize that we live in a world of hate.
This fact about humanity has no debate.
But I also know that there is love.
Not some fancy flight from above.
But a power of good that intends to disrupt,
all the forces of power that are corrupt.
There is only one way to go.
And I know that you know.
It has been taught through all of time.
The great religions and masters have forever chimed.
But within the heart of men is a fear you see.
One that has existed for eternity.
It fears loss, it fears pain.
It fears struggle, it fears blame.
A false voice who intends to shame,
everyone for his karmic war game.
Humanity has a path to peace.
But it must be claimed for hate to cease.
Love is the only answer. Love is the only way.
It matters not whether you are black, white, or gay.
It matters that you learn to love.
Everything in life can be a truelove.
The trees, the wind, the mountains, the river’s bend.
The animals, birds, and insects are your friend.
It is up to you to open your eyes.
And see how strong love tries.
To open your mind to a potential all around.
And see how love can breakdown.
Suffering and hate, fear and fate.
It is only you that can open that gate.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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