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Numerology/Astrology for 9/12/21

9/12/21 is the number = 17

Add the 9 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 17. Or 1 + 7 = 8.
The Number 8, attempts to take the finite to the infinity. It is the infinity symbol on its side. On the highest level this number is about the pure spiritual connection that connects all living things. That is why “breath” is associated with it. Within the breath gives us the juice to never get tired. When there is not enough conscious breath a soul struggles to regulate their energy.
It is also called the “Breath of Life” or the “Breath of the Compassionate”. It points to resurrection, rebirth, and renewal. It is the pulse of life that connects and integrates the infinite into this world.

In Christianity the “888” was the number for Christ because he was the resurrection and the life. While the number 7 represented the number of creation (seven days), the 8th day was the day of “Re-generation.”

It is the reminder that we heal emotionally when we release pent up emotions and feelings that are restrictive and block the flow of life force. When we learn to accept all emotions and allow them to move through all the chakras without judgment the spirit within the breath that is moving them will assist us to transcend the physical world of suffering and move into the infinity.
Because the number 8 is the Sun in numerology, it is a reminder that when we allow ourselves to be guided to those places where we need to shine and where our desires burn brightest, then life within our soul breathes a breath of fresh air.

There is a place in life where one needs to step beyond fear and allow the gloriousness within to be seen by others.
Today, notice if you are showing past life and karmic sadness and suffering even now though your body language, posture, or facial expressions. If you are working with depression in this life, go deeper and reach beyond this genetic incarnation and seek ways to remember further backwards to find the originating place that all this emotion is attached too.

Once we can embrace and love that place where the suffering and despair began, we can more easily begin to unravel those threads in this life that continue to hold it together in this reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in the emotional and passionate sign of Scorpio until the wee-hours of the morning. Then it enters the energetic and optimistic sign of Sagittarius.
It is time to dynamically engage the world with the intention to explore and look to the future and what is rapidly coming our way. Many are setting very high goals and we just don’t know what is happening below our level of awareness. The future is bright if you know where to look. And we look toward the young innovators that intend to save us from ourselves. There are those that have set very high goals and have done it very quietly. Get ready. Shifts are beginning on some many astrological levels.
The Moon and the South Node are trying to pull us backward but it will not work. Comfort from our past that is familiar and antiquated is not going to give us the satisfaction that it did in our historical past. While our past pulls at us, the future is dragging us forward. And that is a very good thing. Instead of attaching to the past, reach for a better future.

The Moon will sextile to Saturn later today and that inspires some new and very stabilizing actions.

~Suzanne Wagner~


My 13-year-old cat was attacked by a stray Tom that wanders around this area. I am pretty sure it is that cat because I went outside and caught him running out from under our deck. And I wondered if he had pinned my cat under there.
I have to admit, she does have a vendetta against him.
She does not like any other cats in her territory.

I also notice that he has been hanging around.
I feed a very quiet stray orange tabby (My husband named her Samantha) each morning and when she is not there, I know that that other Tom is around. Samantha is a big cat. Three times the size of my cat and she does not mess with him.
That should tell me something!
If Samantha is not there, I know she is hiding from that Tom. And Samantha is not a fighter but a runner.
And she is fast. Very fast!

So, of course this happens Friday night, before the weekend and the vet is all the way in Ukiah. I will make an appointment for her on Monday. In the meantime, she is eating and drinking but staying under my bed. Always a sign that a cat does not feel well. There is a small scratch on her shoulder, and she is favoring that right leg. I checked and the leg seems fine, so I think it is the shoulder. She is not purring and seems to feel shitty.

She will let me pet her but does not like it when I try to feel into her shoulder.

Well, I took her to the vet this morning and she has a cracked rib, 5 bite marks and a low-grade infection from the bites, lots of bruising. The vet says she was mugged.

And she is 13 years old, so an old woman in cat years. It’s like an old woman getting mugged.

Poor baby.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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