September 17, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/15

September 18th is the number 8. Today you might question the laws of Cause and Effect. Reality is setting in and there is a sadness that is pervading the energetic flow. Part of it is the shift of the first outer planet (Saturn) going from Scorpio to Sagittarius yesterday, which ushers in a new pattern that kicks you out of the old and forces you to get real and get going forward into this new life. And then when you add the Moon transiting Scorpio much of the day, until 11:32 PM EDT, it might feel as if you would rather experience extreme emotions than nothing at all. No matter what this is a day of extremes on all levels. The crying to the rejoicing expresses within seconds of each other. Mediocrity or the “middle road” is felt to be unsatisfying. It is time to choose your individual fate. You have the strength inside to move forward and to problem solve. You may struggle to balance your own internal forces with the external actions that need to be taken today. You have the desire to get to the bottom of matters. All that is hidden, taboo, secret, or suppressed seems interesting. There is transformative energy now but try not to dwell on feelings that are unproductive. This morning is strong for becoming wrapped up in pet projects or work. You can feel a stronger desire to support, guide, and nurture others, and you may be taking more pride in relationships and family. Your needs and cravings seem to be in harmony or at least not in conflict, with those of your loved ones. The Moon enters adventurous, philosophical Sagittarius at 11:32 PM EDT, and minutes later, aligns with Saturn, newly back in the sign of Sagittarius, and reminding you of your responsibilities.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.

~Assata Shakur~




I picked this quote to support the refugees from the Middle East as they flock towards an unknown in their choice of freedom over oppression. My ancestors came here from Ireland and other areas for exactly the same reasons and were treated as scum also at the beginning. I wish humanity could learn from history and see that judgments and fears about others are just that, projections of the mind and do not consider the suffering and the desire of all humanity to find safety, peace, and prosperity for their families and themselves. We all feel the same things. We all want to survive and thrive. We all strive for a better life. Yes, we might have different customs and behaviors. Yes, we might have to learn new cultures and traditions. Yes, we might need to learn languages and acceptable social behaviors in a new country. But it is all about learning, growing, evolving, and understanding that things in our past (as valuable as they were) are sometimes no longer necessary in the space of where we are becoming. Today let go of your old prejudices. Today, look at your own history and feel into the struggles that your ancestors took in order to become a part of this country. Recognize that if you are judging others right now, what would your deceased ancestors think of your behavior? As my grandmother would say, “Your behavior would make your great grandmother turn over in her grave in embarrassment.” We are all emigrants. We are all seeking a better life. Let others have their growing process. Support them in learning about acceptable ways and behaviors, instead of putting them down. Take a look at how you might shame others for not doing what you consider is acceptable. And recognize that they may not know. Teach instead of criticize. Support instead of judge. Listen and help others problem solve. They cannot do it alone. None of us can. And you will discover that those emigrants can and will contribute to the greater whole. My family on both sides helped to create the railroads that crossed America in the 1800’s. They could not get work in the big cities and so they moved westward with the work of the railroads. And one of my ancestors because a Sheriff in a town. Those that are willing to work hard are those that fought to find freedom. That energy is with those people forever. They are not to be pitied, they are to be admired. Only the strongest were willing to get on boats, take risks, and walk the long and distant roads to have a better life. When you look at them and admire them you honor your ancestors that did the same for you.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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