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Numerology/Astrology for 9/19/18

9/19/18 is the number 3. The number 3 is all about learning to find the joy and optimism in small things. There is always joy to be found in every day if you are willing to look at the places that you can give others joy. Bring muffins to the office. Give another person a compliment that is real. Take time to play with a child one of their favorite imagination games. Recognize that it is in connection and appreciation that each of us can assist others in shifting into a more positive realm. But at this time think big. Think in a way that can assist others in the long run or the world. Perhaps, a contribution to a group that is attempting to help the planet would be worthwhile. This number is associated with the Empress card which is about nurturing this world and all those things living on it. How can you help the world in a small way? I personally feed the wild birds that transit through my land. I make sure the hummingbirds coming through have a way-station for the sugar water they need for energy to keep going. You can find ways that do make a difference that are not flashy but that take a bit of your time. All things need love and love is about taking time to care for others besides yourself.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn until almost 8 pm tonight at which time it goes into Aquarius. Stick to the structure and stay in your grounded approach today but later this evening, attempt to get out socially and hang with a group or friends for dinner. You need to reconnect to others in a way that feeds your soul. Too often we do too many things alone. And while we may feel productive, it does not give joy the same way that laughing and connecting with others does.

You have a feeling of conviction about something and the desire to express those opinions. Situations will arise that will give you more clarity and a desire to reinvent yourself in some way. Once your head and heart are aligned, the energy will move in that direction.

If it feels right, do it. With the Moon trine the Sun there is a confidence that begins to match what you feel and results will naturally move your direction.

With the Moon conjunct Aquarius, there is a coolness in the air with a distance emotionally from others. Do not mistake a warmness for a feeling of attraction. Know that people tend to be warm (especially now) as a way to help others during these difficult times. Let kindness and warmth be the theme of the day but know that moving things into a place of romance is not appropriate.
~Suzanne Wagner


A kind gesture can
reach a wound that only
compassion can heal.
~Steve Maraboli~




Do you notice those moments when people “gap out”? It is usually from a trigger of some sort. I personally watch people’s eyes glaze over and they usually stop breathing. They are suddenly vacuous and “not home”. They are somewhere else. They are in a void of their own making. It is often a protection mechanism to something that is not what they expected, not what they wanted to hear, or a thing that throws them back into a pattern in the past. As in a memory or trauma. The way to cope in such moments is to mentally go somewhere else. I often say, it is as if they went into the basement of their mind. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all do this at different times. Learning to become conscious as to when those moments are happening is a real challenge. Because they usually happen so fast. The way I can catch it after the fact is when someone says something about a recent event, and I recognize that I do not know what they are talking about. I remember a moment when I was watching some relationships videos by an interesting man names, Gary Smalley. Suddenly my husband, paused the video (notice how long ago this was), and ask me what Gary Smalley had just said? I did not know. My husband detected that I was suddenly not there and realized that what was being said was something that I do frequently. So, we rewound the video and I listened this time with intention. But once again, I could not formulate what he was saying. I listened to it 10 times or more. And it was as if, it just would not go in. My brain was rejecting the information. And I could not tell why. That is when my husband and I had a great conversation because he attempted to tell me what he heard that Gary Smalley was saying and relate it to a pattern that I was doing that was not the most functional pattern to be doing. Even then, it took hours of discussion for me to really understand and finally integrate into a method that helped to me alter that pattern. I relay this story because I always believe that I am a “typically normal” person. And that if I am doing it, then probably everyone else is doing it. What would it take for you to ask someone that you really trusted the question, “What do you think I am doing as a pattern repeatedly that is actually dysfunctional and not really letting my authentic self out?” Then listen to the answer and really discuss it. In this way you will lovingly learn to unravel those places that you are not present and actually gapped out.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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