Numerology/Astrology for 9/2/2020 – Plus More Sept Astrology and Blog


Numerology/Astrology for 9/2/20

9/2/20 is the number 6.
If you add the 9 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15.
1 + 5 = 6.
There are moments that pass in such a way that they do not grab your senses. There are moments that take you to a place that is beyond compare and are unforgettable. There are moments that stir your dreams and expand your potential. There are moments when time seems to stop and that moment is etched into your very soul as a timeless encounter between your human self and your angelic essence. That moment changes you forever.

I believe that each person here is a unique representation of their “Home”. I believe that our highest selves are all eternal and divine. I believe that our human self strives to grasp this reality and attempts to help us stay here long enough to find the value that we were promised to experience. I believe that it is in that human-ness that an answer exists to give us depth and gives manifestation and meaning to the spiritual values that we hold so dear.
The number 6 is all about the spiritual values and gifts that you innately hold. It is that exploration into them to retrieve them and then find a way to bring them out of you and into the physical world that is the “Hero’s Quest”. That quest may seem external but it is always first a deeply personal internal journey.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


With the Moon in Pisces, emotions run high. Use this energy to aim for higher spiritual values because people’s emotions will be fickle and hard to anticipate.

With a Venus-Saturn opposition in the morning, you are reminded to own up to your responsibilities and while they can feel like a burden, they are a good distraction. Emotions will run hot and fast. It is good to focus them in a way that allows for transformations in some grounded and real capacity.

Finances may feel a bit tight. Try to chip away at that debt load on the credit cards.

It may feel like everywhere you look are burdens, lack, limitations, and problems. Try to turn that Venus into more love and caring.

The trine between the Sun and Uranus attempt to encourage you to change and to let go a bit more. You need to progress, not obsess.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Highlights for the first week of September

Everything boils down to the ambitious planet, Mars, turning retrograde September 9 to November 13 in the last degrees of Aries. You have heard me say it before….firsts and lasts magnify the energy of something. And Mars hovering like a vulture over a dying victim, is at the center of this intensification to this aggressive and violent energy. In all retrogrades, some aspect of your life is up for review. How this hits your personal chart may be something that you will want to figure out. Because being prepared is essential in handling the aggressive and violent energy that is coming.

Venus will be in Leo starting September 6 to October 2. It will help to open a few hearts and to shift your focus into a more creative place.

Mercury is in Libra September 5-27, helping you to upgrade your communication style towards better balance and integration.

Jupiter stops going retrograde on the 12th and Saturn stops also on the 28th. Followed by Pluto on October 4.
If it felt like a difficult summer, join the club. We will all be so grateful when these heavy planets aligning or in Capricorn finally get unstuck. But the forward progression can be shocking and upsetting. The planets are always in motion and as such so are we. Or at least we should be.

Anyone who becomes locked in nostalgia and is unable to see a future better than the past is going to work against progress and positive change.

Fortunately, you do not have to do the work. The astrology will do it for you. The hand of fate and karma works perfectly without any intervention from you or me. Things play out in a clear and calculated way when you have enough overview and perspective.

The earth and water elements are strong right now, but the mental clarity and perspective of the air element is missing. Earth elements indicate that work needs to be directed towards pragmatic goals. Especially goals for the greater good.
The water element signs minus Scorpio are there to advise you to tend to your emotional needs. It is a reminder that you cannot have security externally if you do not feel whole or safe internally first. The missing air element says that this is not the time to dream and live in an alternate reality. It is time to be practical grounded and sincere. The social side of life continues to be a problem.
Know that everyone is feeling pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. It is difficult to get any one thing completed.
There is a gift with the Venus in Cancer because it wants to be nurtured and tend to projects and people close to home.
Mars in Aries is bored as it prepares to go retrograde. It has a stalling effect on others and while you may want to get active on new projects to feel productive and go do exercise to reduce the stress, you must also be careful because doing things from an internally repressed reactive place will not end well. If there is an injury prone moment … Then it is this next week. As boring as it sounds you have to deal with the mundane a bit longer so you can end up …. Later accomplishing something that can give meaning and value to this time.
If you did not know you had an inner multi-tasker, you do now. You will come to recognize that you will have to wear many different hats to navigate this insanity. You are discovering that you have abilities that you have never used and that you actually might have a talent in. As the season begins to shift in September … you also are being asked to shift. The season is preparing to change and you are being prepared to change with it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Here’s to the heroes of old and new.
They became the stars that their soul outgrew.
Here’s to the stories of normal men
Who went past their limits to become superhuman.
Here’s to the myths that have inspired a generation.
Even when their human life would have no duration.
I see the bravery in the stars in the sky.
I see the stars when I look in all eyes.
I see the light that keeps shining through.
I see myself when I look at you.



A hero is a person who we look up to and admire for their courage, achievements, and actions.
A hero is a character that has certain qualities that allow others to sympathize with them.
A hero is a person who can be superhuman and is in touch with something that is divine within. They find a way to tap into the greatness and use it to help others.
The greatest hero’s do not always bless us with their presence for long. Holding great power requires a great cost in the physical body.
Some souls are supernovas that have built their energy for centuries for one moment in time. They become a massive explosion of light, sound, and matter. And then are never more.

I think of the great actor from the Black Panther Movie, Chadwick Boseman. Here is a man that had tremendous power and skill. He had a moment to become the ultimate hero and a person to inspire a generation and a movement. His character gave hope and direction to millions of children, the world over. He allowed them to believe in themselves and their own greatness and in his acting they saw their own potential staring back at them.

Not only was he a hero in a story but he was a hero in his death process.

Here was a man who had the courage to give his greatest gift to the world and then he discovered that he was going to die of colon cancer. But in that realization … he did not want sensationalism. He wanted his life and his death …. his way. A man of courage who became the very hero that he portrayed in the movie.
A character that needs to come to life, can be so powerful, that it needs  another soul to give up his life to birth this ideal. And that character will live on forever in the souls and minds of those he inspired.
His character took everything and gave everything.

And Mr. Boseman was willing to pay that price. His soul clearly understood the importance of that character and would not let his own health issues get in the way of becoming an inspiration for an entire generation of social change.

What heroes have inspired you? What characters do you try to emulate? What stories and myths support you in being a better person?

The people, heroes, and characters you place your energetic allegiance with are reflections of your unknown selves.

We cannot often see into the parts that we have not yet explored.
We cannot often see the damage that others can plainly see when they look at us.
Our heroes have flaws that we too have.
They are a reflection of our humanness attempting greatness.
We cannot often see that which has been denied.
We cannot often see the greatness within.
We cannot often see the future when we are caught in the past.

Here’s to the heroes of old and new.
They became the stars that their soul outgrew.
Here’s to the stories of normal men
Who went past their limits to become superhuman.
Here’s to the myths that have inspired a generation.
Even when their human life would have no duration.
I see the bravery in the stars in the sky.
I see the stars when I look in all eyes.
I see the light that keeps shining through.
I see myself when I look at you.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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