September 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/23/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/23/16

9/23/16 is the number 5. Keep both feet firmly on the ground because the potential for the astrology to throw you off your game and get you to say the wrong thing is high. In those moments you need to have a clear center and attempt to move from your most healed and compassionate side because the reactive tendency of others is strong. You have to look at who is willing to change and who is not willing to change. At this time you only have a limited amount of energy to work with so you have to choose where to focus that energy and remember to take care of yourself first and foremost. Only when you have a perfectly filled cup do you have energy to give to others that over time will not create resentment or a deficit in your own energy field. It is also a good idea to connect to the forces of nature and allow the angels and guides to fill you up so you have enough to work through the day. Go slow, take your time, be as conscious as possible and do not waste energy in places that it is not appreciated, not understood, or the other person is not really moving forward. Mercury, now direct, forms a trine with Pluto early today. Mercury just recently formed this aspect while retrograde (on the 20th). You have been looking to the past for answers and this can help you arrive at especially valuable truths or insights. You are gaining a deeper understanding of a matter. You might discover new information that gives you an edge or finally “see” the truth of a matter that you have been avoiding. It’s a good time to let go of something that has kept you bound to harmful elements of the past that pull you down and drain your energy. But be careful because you may not be saying the “right” things today with Mercury semi-square Venus later morning. You can be extra sensitive and problems can occur if you are speaking about deep matters in a superficial way. Venus enters Scorpio today, where it will transit until October 19th. You are attracted to deep, buried, and hidden matters and intense closeness in relationships. While you can more easily get to core issues in your life, you should watch for trying too hard to uncover the “truth,” reading too many negative projections into other’s actions and words during this cycle. You are more strategic with money under this influence. The Moon ends its transit of Gemini at 4:34 AM EDT, when it enters Cancer, the sign that it rules.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Even after all this,
She stood silent
Watching the waves;

Because her strength
Still outweighed
The pain.


I am so tired of the negative chaos that is imploding and feeding upon the souls of humanity. It takes so much energy to stay present in truth, calm in observation, and non-reactive to the distortion. I am grateful that I do not have television because I can really limit the dark energy of hatred, anger, fear, and resentment that has become the norm in the news. I hope that humanity can step beyond this present pattern and choose constructive energy over destructive patterns that are out of control and now harming all of life on this planet. I send out a prayer to the human potential of love to overcome this negativity.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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