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Numerology/Astrology for 9/23/18

9/23/18 is the number 7. The number 7 today points to the eccentric and the bizarre. It would be impossible to not notice how those words and being reflected in the world at this time. We are gifted to live in a time with an extraordinary amount of information at our finger tips. But the question is, “Is mankind mature enough to be able to utilize that information in ways that serve, unite, support, and uplift this world and mankind?” Clearly that is the biggest question right now. Is mankind willing to grow past this tribal mentality of consciousness and awareness? Are we willing to analyze information with our minds rather than react from the muddied waters of our emotional reactive primal brain? It seems that there is a majority that knows and has the capacity to take the correct path. But there are those in positions of power that want to use the chaos for their own financial ends and to manipulate the people, spread seeds of disorder and mayhem, and generate fear that paralyzes systems. But it is a shortsighted approach. When you do that, and even if it succeeds in the short run, in the long run it collapses system, governments, and financial balance in the world. The shortsightedness of those in power will inevitably, (as history shows us again and again) destroy what they believe they are protecting. The inability of such people to see beyond their own agenda harms everyone and the world. Therefore, this moment requires a plan. A plan that places spiritual independence and individualism ahead of the powerful and wealthy. A plan that everyone can live with and that serves the greater whole rather than the parts. This number is the number indicating a moment of powerful evolution is possible, if we stand together. And we stoically choose to create a world that shows dignity to all, opportunity for everyone, and a desire for peace that is greater than greed.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Because the Moon is in monk-like Pisces all day Sunday, the morning is particularly challenging if you must have mental focus (best to put off those type projects until later in the day. Turn off the alarm clock on Sunday and ease into your day. Sunday evening will be much more favorable for conversation and quick activities.
With the Moon in Pisces and the square between Mercury and Saturn, you will notice problems to situations and that may be a bit discouraging. The good news is that you will figure out that things are not as bad as they seem, but you will experience delays, obstacles and restrictions. What may help is when you know what you want and move consistently towards that. There is opportunity if you look closely at your life. Notice the negative thoughts and do not allow them to confuse already challenging situations. Finding that downward spiral is an easy thing to do. Just know that criticism will not really get you where you want to go.

With the Moon conjunct Neptune there is a type of surreal reality that makes it difficult to pin anything down. Your mind may want to wander off in the directions of speculation, hopefulness, and the infinite potential. But know that you are in a pipe dream and nothing will formalize from that position. While ideas are fun concrete efforts take a different approach to manifest.

Today, work towards a sense of easy, fluid, power. The type of power that is not flashy or that needs to be scene. Reclaim that confidence internally and know you are a gift in whatever form it takes. Then go give that gift to the world.

While I know it is difficult, having faith in your ideas is important still. If you start off today, serious and smart, you can get some much-needed momentum.

Know that you are easily influenced today. You are vulnerable to those with an agenda or an idea. Make no decisions for the new few days. You need to have a clear head and today is not that day.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are in a moment
that a powerful evolution is possible,
if we stand together.
And we stoically choose
to create a world
that shows dignity to all,
opportunity for everyone,
and a desire for peace
that is greater than greed.
~Suzanne Wagner~




My father was a great man.
He knew that presidents change
and Congress changes.
He knew that this time would come.
And he warned me in 1978.
He could see the pattern unfolding
like the spread of toxic waste
based in the destruction of education.
He could see what those with power
and money were up to even then.
But so many were asleep.
So many did not want to be bothered
with the chipping away
of the wall of American freedoms.
You destroy freedom
by making the people dumb.
You destroy freedom
by the spreading of hate and lies.
You destroy freedom methodically.
In subtle ways that do not
seem important at the time.
Until the people are left with no voice,
no choice, and restricted in their ability to protest.
You muzzle the people by making them feel confused.
How evil do you have to be, to intentionally
break the back of the most powerful country in the world?
That kind of evil has lived and thrived in the environment
of denial, laziness, addiction, greed,
and the power-hungry for eternity.
As a people, we are fighting not just for ourselves
but for the hope that this country brought to the world.
Up until now, we have been a shining point of light
of the possibility to which humanity was striving to attain.
That does not mean that we were perfect.
Quite the contrary.
This county has made mistakes.
And the values that guided
this country have been crumbling
under the weight of bureaucracy for a long time.
So that now we are at this moment in time.
What will you do?
What will you be willing to sacrifice?
What is the line that will be your breaking point?
For each person it is different.
And you will have to choose.
The flag of freedom is burning on the pole of wisdom.
Will you let that flag burn completely to ash?
Will you allow others to tear down the pole of wisdom
with their fear, hatred, anger, and displaced resentment?
I cannot and will not wait another moment.
I will do what needs to be done
to serve the voice of our Constitution.
The Founding Fathers are watching you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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