September 22, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 9/23/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/23/19

9/23/19 is the number 8. Sometimes it is inconvenient to have to notice the suffering of others. And yet, it is essential to reclaim your compassion and your ability to respond appropriately in stressful situations. I am one of those that cannot help but notice those suffering around me. But there is a difficult choice to make at times because some suffer because of their own choices and actions or inactions. Some suffer because of nothing that they have done but are the victims of the hatred and manipulation of others. The later I will forever support. The former often will not listen so it is a waste of energy and time to help them see the misdirection of their choices until they are confused, lost, and in enough pain to be willing to ask the question that will invoke the willingness in others to help.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox. This indicates a moment to rebalance your life. This is not an easy moment because of a complicated T-Square. You want the stability but you are on a three legged chair that needs 4 legs. Every movement needs to be carefully calculated. Balance will be difficult to maintain. At 9 am, the Sun moves into Libra. The Goddess of love attempts to bring balance into the complicated equation and those how wish to create beauty and art will have a slight advantage. This is a month to practice the arts of compassion, diplomacy, tolerance and grace. Though this will be a huge challenge with the remaining astrology, it is still a good goal to have in mind as you attempt to navigate the upcoming conjunction between Saturn and Pluto.

The Moon in Cancer opposes Saturn in the middle of the night. You might notice dreams that reflect melancholy and suspicious behavior. In love, challenges become more obvious than you would prefer. The feminine may feel as if she is standing alone in a world that projects negativity her direction. It is designed to get the women to stand up for equality and truth. So it is not necessarily a bad thing but it is a thing that begins to show that women have had enough.

The Moon in Cancer squares Mercury in Libra. Don’t make serious decisions and remember that there are those out there that want to intentionally confuse and distort. It is better to wait and be silent while you watch and allow others to talk too much, explain themselves into a corner. Sometimes you have to just wait for others to reveal their distorted plan.

There is a trine between the Moon and Neptune, helping you feel imaginative and a bit pleasantly surprised. Let your intuition guide you to open your mind to the more magical and subtle elements of life.

the Moon opposes Pluto. This opposition causes discomfort and a lack of restraint.

The Moon Sextile Mars in Virgo. There is a strong will inside that pushes you to explore some of your more adventurous thoughts.

We are in a time where seeking alternatives is going to be important. Negotiation and compromise even more so. Peace is sought but difficult to find. Know that because that balance is tenuous it is important to notice if you are rocking the boat. It may seem like there are endless pathways that you are needing to walk down. Tolerance is critical. If not maintained regularly this energy can become passive-aggressive, shallow, and indecisive.

With the Venus-Ceres aspect happening, you will want to support those you love in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Speak the words that mean the most.
Never hold them back because
another time is not guaranteed.
~Suzanne Wagner~






I had a dream last night that there was a window in the ethers allowing many people to transition to the other side. I was saying goodbye to many different people. It was sad and joyful all at the same time. It is important to appreciate those in our life that have touched our heart. We are in a time (coming up) that you will regret not saying words of love and appreciation to others. We all have limited time here and situations and circumstances can change rapidly. What would it take to live a life of “No Regrets?” It means to speak the words from you heart as often as possible. Yes, it might feel awkward but that realness registers as spontaneous authenticity and it makes you vulnerable and heart-felt to others. Take today, to say a few of those words. You will never regret it.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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