September 24, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 9/25/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/25/15

September 25th is the number 6. Do you feel like you want to go hide in a cave somewhere? Well you are not alone. A few days ago I did the image for hibernation but as this astrology heats up as we are moving towards that eclipse on the 27th in Aries the unexpected is happening in droves. Yes, it takes center and creativity to get this happening and moving. Yes, it takes a willingness to brainstorm in the new patterns that are presenting. And yes, it will take everything you have to move through it. This is where I say to my more delicate archetypes, “You might want to go hide until this storm has passed.” Unfortunately most of us are going to feel like we are “out” in that storm facing ferocious winds and pounding waves as the life-force energy wants to mold us into what we need to become. Finding the pathways through to our authentic self are always filled with destructive moments and we are definitely in one of them. Find that center and do your best to observe and allow the patterns to unwrap your true potential. Pluto is stationing today, turning direct after many months of retrograde activity, adding intensity to all that we do and feel. All things Pluto are emphasized today. Over the coming weeks and months, your powers to make deep changes in your life become less internalized and more insistent and direct. You are less likely to brood over changes that you feel have been thrust upon you and more likely to just do what needs to be done to change. Mars forms a square with Saturn today, and frustrations, smoldering anger or a feeling of being blocked when you are attempting to go after what you want are strong possibilities. Your desire to take action and to constructively express your aggressive urges feels thwarted or blocked. It will feel like it is going to take more effort than usual to complete tasks. This is a time for recognizing some of your limits, slowing down, and adjusting your speed. The Moon is in Aquarius until 3:44 PM EDT, when it enters Pisces.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I walk the path of the ancient ones. Nature is my church.

~Open your Minds~



Nature being the church is a great way to go today. As the unexpected looms the old rules no longer apply, so where do you land? What do you call “home” or the safe place to be? That is where I fall into the patterns of nature. Everything in life has to adjust to the unexpected. My father had a favorite phrase, “Always have a backup plan!” Boy is that a true statement in the highest sense of the reality. I have lived my life from that place and I am so grateful to my father for that saving concept. So often others leave you in the lurch and you find yourself holding the bag. But thanks to my father, I don’t have a trigger because I understand the nature of life in this dimension is to learn how to change and grow with the pushes and pulls of the tides in life. There are always failures when you deal with humanity. So there is no “personal” energy there. There is no need to get upset because human nature tends to move from its own narrow perspective and needs. That is the reality and completely normal. Each person’s pain is more important than anyone or anything else. Being able to step out of your own narrow reflection and see beyond into a bigger picture and see the part that you are playing or not takes great effort and awareness. Don’t worry! You are going to fail repeatedly. All of us fall into the traps of our own density. It is not a problem, it is expected. All you have to do is when you awaken to see where you have fallen under the spell of the density, just bring yourself with love and gentleness back into the present moment and continue the journey to wakefulness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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