September 25, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/26/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/26/16

9/26/16 is the number 8. With Pluto (the god of death, rebirth, transformation, and karma) finally shifting into forward motion, that feeling that has been building inside to choose inner strength over fear is finally strong and pushing you out of the complacency and into action. It is time to be thorough and self-reliant. It is time to look practically at what needs to be done and act from a place of self-reliance and executive action. Yes, you might need to delegate a few things to others who have more skill than you and more overview but that is about knowing what you do well and what you don’t do well. It is time to dissolve the old beliefs of good/bad, right and wrong. The barriers that have prevented you from moving forward are breaking down and you are finally moving from a deep desire for peace and love of humanity in a world that is asking for transformation. The Moon is in Leo all day. Early in the day, the Sun aligns with Jupiter, stimulating positive visions of the future. Pluto is stationing today, turning direct after many months of retrograde activity (since April 18th), adding intensity to all that you do and feel. All things Pluto are emphasized today. Over the coming weeks and months, your power to make deep changes in your life becomes less internalized and more outward focuses and direct. You are less likely to brood over changes that you know you need to make. Resistance lessens and there is finally acceptance of what is and what needs to be done.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a moment when each of us will fade off into the darkness.
And each of us will at some later date step back into the physical
and into the light of life.
You must learn to accept the laws of nature and this world.
We are on a quest to discover what is unknown
and untouched within our being.
We are on a quest to find those
that are our spiritual family again and again.
But that light within us can only burn for a brief moment
in this density before it must go back into the light to be rejuvenated.
Take each precious moment
and do what your inner light is compelled to do.
Do not let your ego run your life.
Leave a spark of that light on the planet as a marker
for others to know that you were here.
Then return again and again
to make that spark into a burning bright light of clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


What an amazing weekend we all had at the Elemental Feminine Workshop in Park City. Thank you to all the wonderful women who joined us so fully in heart, soul, and spirit. You were all so beautiful to watch as you opened back into that beautiful feminine light that you have always been. There is a huge degree of courage and compassion that is the feminine light that always makes my heart sing. It is the strength of women that gives me hope for this world. It is the power of the commitment that is the feminine that lets me know that all the potential that I feel is in this world might be possible. Here is to making a better world by bringing the power of the feminine back into balance one woman at a time. Thank you to all the ladies that made this event so beautiful, unique, and special.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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