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Numerology/Astrology for 9/26/18


9/26/18 is the number 10. The number 10 gives energy to the power of the people coming back into play. And the power of the feminine finally drawing a line in the sand and indicating that enough is enough. Within each woman is a warrioress. And the compassion of the feminine has finally been abused to a point that the feminine as a whole is standing up against the patriarchy and the manipulative control that men have been using to suppress the feminine for thousands of years. It was not always this way. There were many societies before that were ruled by women and that all the land was owned by the women. As we turn back towards the Aquarian Age, the feminine is standing back up to the masculine and showing the horror and mayhem that an unchecked masculine has inflicted upon the world. It clearly needs to change before it is too late. The feminine needs to reclaim her position of power in order to save this world from the destructive tendencies of those in power at this time. So, Amazon women of the world, stand. And together we can tear down the lies and denials and bring the world back to balance.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Revising and re-evaluating your relationships and how you see the world as well as express in the world is changing. Your needs and values that have not been listened to, is no longer acceptable by those in power. Something massive has to change and the up leveling anger is palatable to everyone except those most in denial and numb. There is a drive for action as this Aries Moon continues to emotionally impact the world.

Those that wish to hide things are going to be discovered and the consequences are extremely high. Stand for truth and you will flow with the energy of change that is attempting to happen in the world. The old arguments no longer hold any value what-so-ever. The methods that those in power are using have finally dulled and the fear that they used to implement is over. People have learned to have an immunity to treachery and distortion. The discernment is there, and we will no longer be fooled. In truth, the game is over. Just those playing still do not realize how much they are in jeopardy.

Deep feelings are emerging and will no longer be held back by the manipulators. This is very good. It will be messy and upsetting to hear all the pain and suffering that so many have endured. But the discussions need to be had. So many that have had versions of PTSD now are standing up to force a conversation and to give back the “Power to Serious Discussion” (PTSD)

Abusers should be warned. Now, there is a movement that will not be stopped.

~Suzanne Wagner~


There is something about
a woman with a loud
mind that sits in silence,
smiling, knowing she can
crush you with the truth.
~R.G. Moon




Please know that I know there are many, amazing, honest, and integrous men out there in the world. And I happen to be married to one of them. So, my energy is not directed at those honorable men that have been supporting their women and families.

I believe that there is a dawning of knowledge and awareness that is finally happening for women. We have believed that power would be given to us when we honestly earned it. But that is a lie. The masculine has been in power, destroying this world for over 2000 years and they have no intention of giving that power back. In fact, the more the feminine rises, the more horror and distortion they inflict upon us to keep us down. It is dawning on all of the feminine at this time that as we rise together as one voice to speak of the damage the masculine has inflicted upon us, that that power we believed needed to be earned will need to be taken. It is time for the feminine to take back that which was stolen from her. It is time for the feminine to recognize that the Age of Aquarius is about the feminine coming back into power because of her choice and her actions. Nothing will be given because of the masculine’s fear of the tremendous power of the feminine. Their only recourse was to abuse us and minimize us to keep us down. That is no longer going to work. The Age of Men is over. The Age of Women is at hand.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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