September 27, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/28/15

September 28th is the number 9. It is interesting that the numerology is all about completion and the moon is all about new beginnings. So this adds up to a push/pull sensation for the day. It is time to finish things up that have been lingering in the shadows of your consciousness waiting for the right time to shift. Now is the time and it is essential to complete the task at hand while preparing for a big change in the future. What is in place needs to be completed even though you can see that the next time around major things will be different. The Moon is in Aries all day. There is more decisiveness and certainty now with the Moon in Aries. There is a great desire to start a new chapter in your life. The more impatient side of this Moon position is likely to come to the fore around midday when it squares Pluto and tonight when it aligns with Uranus. It’s best to allow for many possibilities. It is time to let go of the mental limitations and keep our options open. Your feelings and desires are fiery, immediate, and hard to ignore. You are more impulsive than usual under this influence. You tend to want things to happen quickly and your competitive instincts are strong.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.

~Steve Jobs~




Thank goodness for the power of imagination. Pretty much all the things we use and take for granted were at first just a crazy idea or a dream of a possibility. Look at Leonardo da Vinci. He dreamed of a flying machine and his idea was sound but it did not work because wood was too heavy to create lift. It took centuries later when aluminum and steel could replace the wood that his idea actually worked. Sometimes what seems possible is possible, it just has to work through many steps that take a maturity of time and technology to make a dream into a reality. So don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop believing. But keep a grounded approach and know that things can take more time than you realize. You might be one piece in the puzzle but you may or may not live to see the manifestation of that dream. But that does not mean to not try. All effort in life is rewarded at some point. We are all here to learn and grow. We are here to try to create a world of peace. That takes time and effort from all of us.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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