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Numerology/Astrology for 9/28/20

9/28/20 is the number 5.
If you add the 9 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 23.
2 + 3 = 5
Your health is more important than any external drama that those who do not have your best interest at heart are trying to pull you into.
Take your health and your life back. Your heart knows what you need to find contentment and peace. While peace has to be fought for to be maintained, contentment has to be a choice from the deepest place in your soul.
Health comes from many factors.
The number 5 is all about the body and your health and well-being. Health comes from more than just your diet or exercise. Your emotional health and spiritual center gives solace and the ability to adapt to shifting tides of life. At this time in our world, what I see is the tremendous “intentional” pain and suffering our world is causing to its people and all of life. The emotional and spiritual toll is tremendous.
That is why you have to believe in yourself and you have to protect yourself by making you and your family the priority.
You cannot let a world that has lost its soul and way … impact your emotional and spiritual essence. I see way too many people with stress, anger, and anxiety. And those feelings are at a level that the person has never experienced.
Make no bones about it, people are going through a war. And their bodies and spirit feel it intensely. I wonder what kind of a world we are creating when so many feel and are experiencing a form of PTSD.
Healing will happen and it will take time. But eventually we will find a new balance. But that balance you seek can never be dependent on external circumstances ever again.
You will have to determine your own path, from your own core, your own center, and your own truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


On Monday, Saturn ends his retrograde cycle that has been going on since last April. It is now time to rebuild and create a new long term plan. But Saturn is in a grumpy place, because Saturn and Jupiter are in their final degrees in the serious sign of Capricorn until December 15 (for Jupiter) and 17th (for Saturn).
Expect a lot of drama to unfold between now and then. By the solstice (on the 21st) when they both conjunct at 0 degrees in Aquarius, we will all start to make a shift into forward progression and a new reality.
There is a lot to do in a short period of time.
Turn off the television.
Don’t watch the news.
Everyone knows what they need to know to make decisions and do not let yourself be pulled into the dystopia that many want to use as a method to control and manipulate.

The Moon will move before noon from innovative Aquarius into emotionally deep and complex Pisces. You want to indulge in what you feel. But in truth, you need to become more aware of how others pull you this way and that and become strong in your center regardless of how the weather is in the external world.

Later in the day, Venus and Saturn quincunx, attempting to pull you even more between what you want and what you see.
The choices are simple. Do what is right.
No matter what, in the long run of life you have to step out of your personal programming and recognize the shifts of reality and step intentionally past your own history and wounding and into the infinite potential that is what this great country was intended to become.

Learn to appreciate these moments.
They are unique and they are extremely special.
You are in this moment, a part of history in the making.
Books will be written about this moment for eternity. How do you think your actions will be evaluated and  recounted a hundred years from now?

Venus and Mars trine and you want to have a bit of fun. Take a moment to enjoy the turning weather and go on a bike ride or a picnic with your family.

You might be able to make some connections from your past to who you have become.

Mars is retrograde and you may not have the energy you would like but you need a bit of a break anyway. Enjoy the moment and take a break.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I walk outside and the Blue Jay sends out his song.
He continues to tell the forest I am awake as I walk along.
My first stop is the stray cat to feed.
She makes no sound and waits patiently to proceed.
Then I go back inside
to make my tea and prepare to provide.
Provide for the pigeons that wait in the trees.
I walk outside and the sentinels fly away and leave.
They leave to tell the rest of the group.
They fly in as a unified troop.
Then to the humming bird feeders I go.
They chirp at me as I bring feeders to bestow.
Then the final step is the sugar water for the bees.
They are desperate for sugar before the hard freeze.
They must have lost their hive in the fire.
The swarm let me know their situation was dire.
We must learn to help and feel the life all around.
If you are willing to look, that life will astound.

~Suzanne Wagner~



We have had some smoke free days, but today the smoke is back but not as bad as before. I look on the internet and see that there is a fire in Napa again.
I was going to split wood for our woodshed with my husband. But perhaps we will wait until the wind shifts direction.
I know how a parent feels when I look at the land and all of its creatures struggling daily to survive. I marvel at how many of us have a much easier time dealing with life’s daily basics.
We have grocery stores, we have running water to our houses, we have comfortable beds to sleep in, and we have ways and means to get to goals.
When I look at nature, I see the season’s as they change, from hardship and drought …. To rain, lushness, and abundance. I see the challenges nature faces unflinchingly. They understand the seasons and rush when it is time and there is enough for their children, and then wait in surrender and acceptance when it is not.
I see the birds that fly into the windows and break their necks. I hold them softly in my hands as they take their last breaths. Occasionally I find one is just stunned and comes back around. I put those high up and off the ground so they can have some space to regroup and fly away when they are ready.
Even though I have special ultraviolet stickers on my windows it is the process of life and death in the forest. And when one beautiful bird dies I leave its body out to nourish the predators that come out at night, seeking sustenance.
Nothing goes to waste.
Nothing is not used or appreciated.
My backyard is a green oasis in the redwood forest.
I am the place for water and seeds, grass and other trees.
I am the place of compassion and trust.
I am the place for bunnies and skunks.
I am the place for bears and deer.
My land is the safe zone for the male stags that take care of the boys that have been pushed away by their mothers. These males protect the boys and teach them the ways of the forest. They know that I will not hurt their babies. They even come close to feed when I am splitting wood or working outside.
They trust me.
They know me as friend.
I trust them.
Because they are my friends too.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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