September 28, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 9/29/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/29/19

9/29/19 is the number 5. I have a dream of an earth that is covered in green. A healthy planet where there is enough food to go around and enough space to allow animals to have habitat that makes them happy and move in a natural way. I dream of a world with leaders whose number one concern is the welfare of all those in their charge. Including people, animals, resources, etc. That their bottom line is not money for themselves but to create a world that is livable, magical, and wondrous to behold. That is the number 5. It is that the concern for the earth and all its creatures. It is the concern for the care and wellbeing of all life. That to thrive, everyone and everything has to be considered. The earth is being exhausted by greed and those that do not care. I know that more care than do not care. I know that those voices need to become loud and strong. The earth needs our help and we need to help her. Or we will no longer deserve to be here.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Libra square Saturn. Obstacles continue to appear. Expect to feel let down. Just don’t let it turn into depression and unhappiness. Not everyone can handle your moods.

The Moon sextile Jupiter. This is a lovely combination that shows a potential for success because of a shift in a subjects popularity and wider global acceptance. Plans now have to be created to make ideas into the new reality. There is an optimism that is beginning to grow.

The Moon conjuncts Venus, bringing a desire to be harmonious and closer to those you love. Connection is becoming more and more important. Those that think like you and feel into the things that are of similar importance need greater expression. The world needs to feel loved. The animals, plants, jungles, forests, oceans need to be loved by us not abused by us. It is time to shift our patterns.

The Moon squares Pluto, which will make those that are emotionally on the edge between sanity and insanity less stable. That is why feeling loved is so essential. If you feel loved, you care about others. If you do not feel loved, some want to hurt others in the way that they have been hurt. That is never good. We have to create a society that wants to have balance, not admire those that are licentious, extravagant, and deranged.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury. Show good judgment and be fair in your approach to your life. Prepare for the unknown. Make good choices and always be kind.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe in humanity.
I do not always believe in
the intentions of those in power.
I believe in the power of kindness.
I believe in compassion
as a doorway to truth.
Those that hold no compassion
for others carry no truth of real value.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Fear shuts the majority
of people down.
And there are those that
wake up in the presence of fear.
Fear tells them that
something is very wrong.
It makes them notice things
that others choose to ignore.
Fear is a tool that you can use
if you are willing to not collapse
in the presence of raw truth.
How one handles fear is an
indication of spiritual maturity.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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