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Numerology/Astrology for 9/30/17
9/30/17 is the number 4. As the planet attempts to reclaim its own balance with all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanos, each of us also is being asked to look at our own internal and external imbalances. Notice where your life is a volcano or an endless storm. Learn to be at one with the chaos and the flow and know that that energy is necessary to propel you out of your old self and into a new self. You are being born into a more expanded version of who you are. The old shell is a skin that has become too tight and constrictive. Thus, you will need to break out of that skin and expand. There is a vulnerability when such things are happening and often you feel that you cannot see the way through. You will not be able to see until you are willing to go through the growth phase, shed the old and dying skin that is over your eyes and emerge from the darkness and confinement into the light and clarity of your expanded self.
The Moon ends its transit of Capricorn and enters Aquarius early in the day, at 12:41 AM EDT. The Aquarius Moon draws out a more humanitarian impulse in all of us and a desire to be progressive and innovative. Venus is semi-square Jupiter this morning, hooking into the energy of the recent Jupiter-Uranus opposition, creating a feeling of restlessness in your relationships. When it comes to people and things, watch that you aren’t idealizing what you believe you deserve but have not earned. Instead honor what you have and practice the attitude of gratitude. Be careful as this can be a time of dramatic statements and impulsive actions. Do your best to not exaggerate or overstate what you are feeling or promise more than you can deliver. As you can see the tendency to overdo is very strong. However, you can also tap into a need for change and improvement and tame your impulses to go overboard. It’s easier to settle down, go with the flow, and cooperate when the Sun and Moon form a trine this afternoon.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Why is it so hard to do what is right?
It would seem that you would fight for it with all your might.
But choosing to do the bad always feeds the ego self.
The lure of the darkness causes many to put their good on the shelf.
Only when you awaken to the truth
That your true nature is an eternal fountain of youth,
That forever waits and eternally survives,
Until you are ready to create a life that thrives.
Your light is always there. It will never go away.
You cannot forever keep your purpose at bay.
In this moment you can choose again.
To step out of the dark and to let the light in.
The sun always rises on even the darkest of days.
Even when the world is polluted and in a toxic haze.
Life fights to survive and to keep going on.
Don’t give up on life before you are gone.
Life does not quit it just learns to adapt.
You always have places that you have not tapped.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Just keeping it simple today. Sending love and light to all those in the paths of danger and destruction as Mother Earth continues her attempt to awaken humanity to the choices and decisions that continue to damage this world and all those that live upon it. May those with conscientiousness and compassion lead the way and may those who hold greed and the intention to cause suffering be stripped of their powers and suffer the consequences of their actions in the way that best supports their awakening to their own karmic choices and actions.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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