September 2, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/3/16

9/3/16 is the number 3. What is the positive about this day? What is working well in your life and what are you still working on? Every day has good and bad things happening. Every day there are successes and failures. Why is it that some days it makes a bigger impact on your mind and spirit than others? Why is it that some things are much more difficult to let go of than others? As the Buddhists would say it is all about “attachment”. When you are attached you are off your center and not clear. When you are attached you are acting in accordance with comparing whether your actions will get you something you want easier and quicker or not. When you are attached you obsess over things that do not really matter and distract yourself from the very important things that actually need to get done. When you are attached you are actually waiting for something. But when you wait, you do not do what you need to do for your life. Remember, you first. Take care of what you need to take care of today. Use the activity of your day to pull your mind off of incessant wandering and daydreaming. Get started on what is really important in your life. Do not let time go to waste. Time is precious and none of us know how long we are going to be here. Use what you have today. Move forward. Take a stand. Do what needs to be done. And discover that your life is more magical than you recognized. The Moon is in Libra all day, aligning with Venus, its ruler, in the morning, and emphasizing a desire to harmonize, idealize, and restore balance. You can be a little indulgent now, and this can extend to relationships. There is some tendency to gloss over problem areas. You have an easier time seeing beauty in others’ imperfections today, and finding the good in your relationships. You are more tolerant of one another today. This evening, partnering up to get something done, particularly a practical job, can be rewarding. The Moon’s sextile to Saturn encourages purposeful activity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The world is addicted to the endless games of the mind.
We have become a society of comparing
Of what we have and what we have not.
What would it take to become just fascinated with life?
If you could see the wonders that are out there
for your enjoyment and fulfillment,
would that break the addiction of self-loathing?
All addiction stems from not feeling good enough.
All addiction is an attempt to block the negativity of the mind,
and loose yourself in a distraction.
You do not need to be distracted.
You need to be present with what is.
When you understand that this moment is enough,
Then you will see that the small space
in which you believe you are living
is a much bigger space than you realize.
~Suzanne Wagner


I am at this time in my life where I have no desire for childish illusions of the mind. I am grateful for being older and wiser, being more patient and calm, and being more forgiving and compassionate. I look outside and I see a world in pain. I see a world looking for a way to not be in pain. But pain is teaching you something. All pain is a doorway to places of avoidance and to the things you have been in denial of in your life that are finally forcing their way into consciousness. Astrologically this is not a time to rush. It is a time to plan. Create a structure and find a way to manifest that structure with balance and clarity. Reacting to where you are in pain only leads to more pain. Sitting with your own pain, observing what it is trying to tell you about where you are uncomfortable and where you are unhappy is essential to uncovering the deeper meaning and message that your subconscious is attempting to tell you. This is not a message you can rush. It is a message that needs to be painfully translated and sorted into a form that is understandable. Pain is in a language like a code. But you have the key to that code to unravel it. And you have to take the time to listen closely to the message of sort the deeper meaning from the more obvious voice of the suffering. Under all suffering is a deeper truth and wisdom attempting to awaken you to an untapped resource inside.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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