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Numerology/Astrology for 9/5/19

9/5/19 is the number 8. With the Number of Sadness and Grief, I send energy and support to all those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Knowing full well that this type of thing is going to continue until we choose solutions to our present reality that have a positive impact for future generations. I know that wisdom and knowledge have the tools that we need. Now we just need intelligent and willing leaders to implement what the will of the people continue to demand. I continue to question, “Why is it so hard just to do what is right for the world, rather than only think of personal wealth?” I look to the great men and women who do things such as Paul Newman and his creation of a company called “Newman’s Own”. A food company that is organic and the profits go to charity. I know that such places is where the real release from human suffering will come. Those amazing individuals that know they have power and impact and use it for the greater good rather than lining their own pockets with egregious wealth. We can feed the world. We can educate humanity to a new level of competence and clarity. But we have to learn that “war is hell” and not worth the money and loss that accompanies it.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Thursday morning is better for critical thinking as structured Saturn is in harmony with idea planet Mercury. Make a plan and work the plan. Mercury activates your power of communication, allowing for an increase in understanding and curiosity. Saturn helps you persevere and find the discipline you need to accomplish the tasks at hand. You feel logic and objectivity requires a new level of factual correctness and reasonable decisions. You will feel more grounded and centered in your thing. Conversations will stay more on point.

As the day advances you may feel more scattered. The Mercury-Jupiter square is exact tomorrow. Such combinations can cause friction. Do your best to not overstate things or do “absolutes”. There are always doorways you cannot see through the mazes of life until you are right on top of them.

With the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Mars in Virgo, remember that some will be stressed, off, and reactive. Don’t waste energy in places that you cannot shift with ease. Trying will end in frustration. Find the flow and follow that. It will lead you to the conclusions you need more delicately.

Stretch you mind and know that you can begin to recognize bigger possibilities. While you may feel a bit in the dark and looking for an exit out of this chaos. Know that you will find it if you just remain patient and calm.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The wisdom of the ages calls out to everyone.
In the wind, in the light, in the whisper of life.
When you listen with an open ear,
you hear not from striving but from ease and grace.
The tongue of wisdom is long.
An endless flow cast out into the realms of earth
from the ancient ones and the nature divas.
Those that cannot hear that soft eternal voice
pick up weapons and choose to fight over things.
Those that hear even parts of the twilight language
put their weapons down, knowing that greatness
does not come from such tools.
Those tools teach strength and skill.
They teach confidence and willingness.
But they cannot teach truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Everything in life carries a particular wisdom.
Some wisdom is fleeting and transient.
Some wisdom comes in on the whispers of a dream.
Some wisdom is reflective like a mirror.

Within the stillness and the emptiness
is a void filled to overflowing
with wonders and phenomena.
Visions and desires can be endless
distractions that take one away
from what is truly important.
Cities that you now find exciting
will fall into ruin.
The path of pride and glory that holds
so much lure and enticement will
offer you no refuge when death approaches.
To sin with recklessness is to have no conscience.
To fight and quarrel with words is senseless
because they are only empty echoes in a dream.

Humanity wastes energy fighting
foes who are fragile like flowers.
Immunity from anger is learned
when one is willing to leave the land
that is familiar and your origin.

Striving only supports you
never feeling rich enough
~Suzanne Wagner~


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