September 6, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/7/15

September 7th is the number 6. With this number you need a bit of hermit time and with the Moon is in Cancer all day, and you may have an instinctive need for peace and quiet or you may be seeking out a feeling of safety and belonging. I love it when the numbers and the astrology align. This is a day to reflect and work through a particular problem. It is not a day to do but a day to find the deeper meaning to your life. You tend to respond to challenges or stress by retreating or withdrawing under the influence of a protective Cancer Moon, and you will be especially concerned with family and your loved ones. Mars and Chiron are approaching a quincunx aspect, exact early into the day tomorrow. You might doubt the effectiveness of your efforts to go after what you want under this influence, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior, defensiveness, or frustration.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Our fear is not of the unknown but of letting go of the known. It is only when the mind allows the known to fade away that there is complete freedom from the known, and only then is it possible for the new impulse to come into being.

~J. Krishnamurti~




The Unknown. It always feels like the void of darkness. It echos the intent that change of your reality is upon you. It forces you out of your safe box and makes the mind spin. You want to know what is next. You want to know the outcome. You want to know what you will become. But that journey is all about what you make out of the circumstances that are about to present. Outcomes are never assured just because you wish them into being. Besides it is the journey and the lessons that present that are what the shift is all about. Complacency is not longer an option. There are moments when you have to leap into the void of your potential and swim in the liquid potential of your divine flow. Now is that moment. Let yourself be taken away from your old world and discover the awakening of that deepest part within that knows more that you have yet experienced.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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