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Numerology/Astrology for 9/9/17
9/9/17 is the number 10. How can you create a tangible shift in your awareness? What do you have to do that will shift the trajectory of your life into a pattern of accelerated growth and a more inclusive and expanded awareness? Are you working towards enlightenment or actively working to move away from it? So often we think that what we are doing is moving us into more awareness when actually we are just making choices that expand our ego and the control mechanisms that keep us stuck. There are moments when you have to own that a part of you likes the intensity and drama that is life on this planet. This place is very seductive in how it pulls us into its grasp and then catches us just like a spider in a web. We get wound up in a position or subject and then fall asleep in the grasp of what has caught us. Today, it is time to open your eyes and see where you are trapped and begin to disengage yourself from this trap. Step back from the sleepy and comfortable illusion and come back into the real world.
The Sun-Pluto aspect is still impacting the world today. Know your personal priorities and determine which obstacles you wish to tackle and what things to overcome. Mercury returns to Virgo today and will continue its transit of this Mutable Earth sign until the 29th. Mercury first entered Virgo on July 25th, but turned retrograde in the sign on August 12th and retreated into Leo on August 31st. Mercury is going to make you retrace the steps you took last September 19th. The good news is once it is over you will stop looking behind. You will be able to let the past go and finally move forward. Mercury in Virgo is sharp, analytical, and efficient. Expect to get lost in the details at the expense of the bigger picture. Do your best to keep an overview and an open mind. The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 12:23 PM EDT. Then it will move into the sign of Taurus. While the Aries Moon is, assertive and pioneering, the Moon in Taurus is patient and persistent, blending well with Mars in Virgo later in the day. Be in tune with your natural impulses. Know that right now you are exceptionally resourceful. This would be a good time to have a garage sale and then to take that money and put it towards helping those in need right now in the US. The movement is to clean, clear, and help.

~Suzanne Wagner~



You don’t need your hands
to really touch someone.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a lesson that is related to Buddhism that I wanted to share. There is a point that, even if you are an enlightened being, you cannot sit in bliss while you watch others suffer. There is a point that you must be willing to sacrifice your bubble of positivity to help those that are still suffering.

We are in a time where the world is deeply suffering.

In the Facebook world, I watch so many that are attempting to hang on to that illusion of happiness and positivity while others are collapsing under the weight of so much difficulty, hardship, and ridicule. Those attempting the positive want everyone to just stay positive, believing that only positive thoughts will make it all magically go away.

No, it does not work that way!

Actions in the face of terrible events create heroes. Those that do not take any actions perpetuate the suffering. All the positive thoughts in the world do not compete with positive actions to help.

It is time to get your hands dirty. When the suffering that is outside your positive bubble is so great and you are continuing to ignore the cries, and screams of others, you become the worst, shallow, weak, and complacent type of human. Just because you are okay and you have what you need, does not mean that those things were not given to you by the divine to share with those in desperate need.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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