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Numerology/Astrology for 9/9/21

9/9/21 is the number = 23

Add the 9 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 23. Or 2 + 3 = 5.
The Number 5 says that grounding is very important today. Remember to breathe, touch the earth, walk barefoot, sit by a river or creek and meditate, or anything that you find helps you become a part of this world and feel as if you belong.
Connect to pets and animals that are a part of your reality. Take some time to listen, learn, and connect to those that are an intimate part of your world.

Take some time to cook that favorite meal and have a sit-down dinner to share thoughts and events from your day.

Listen to your heartbeat. Take some time to love yourself and appreciate all you do in a day. Recognize all that effort as a form of love being expressed from your care, actions, and intentions.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in Libra for another day supporting conversations that are gracious and productive. Embrace those you love and remember that we are all here for only a short time and that each moment can be made special and one to remember.
Jupiter connects with the Moon and while we want to allow others space to experience their life, their way, it is also difficult to trust when things continue to be so disruptive.
Pluto will challenge the Moon and it makes things feel suspicious, convoluted, and distorted in ways that are clearly karmic.

The quest for truth is walking us in various directions that seem to be confusing.
Remember to do what is for the greater good.
Love as fully and deeply as possible.
Waste not one second of this precious life.
Today is a day to look at our inner motivations and personal attachments.

And look towards finding joy and pursuing those things that are part of your work but also a part of your greatest gifts.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Teaching empathy could save the world.

Teaching empathy opens us to the experiences of others.

Teaching empathy makes us see through new eyes.

Empathy is a tool that brings us into more awareness.

Empathy moves us towards those highest qualities that make us human.

Empathy is essential for taking this world past the domains of war, hate and conflict.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Pick some flowers and take them to your older neighbor that feels so alone.

Bake a double recipe and share one with a neighbor.
Do something kind that allows another to feel seen.

Take a moment to appreciate the help you are receiving from a shopkeeper.

Go to a store that you have never been too and that is not a chain store. Then buy anything.

Take some time to really be with another and share those moments that have given you the greatest joy.

We make a better world by operating from our best self.

We make a better world by sharing in kind ways with others.

We make a better world by intending to connect.

We make a better world by choosing to do what is right, over unconscious choices motivated by our needs.

Yesterday was an eventful day as I had my 3rd colonoscopy in 15 years. My first one was at age 50, then 55, and now at 61.

The previous colonoscopies were done in Utah at the Huntsman Hospital. And they used the propofol, which is a fast-acting anesthetic used for such surgeries.
I never had a problem with that and felt completely fine afterwards. Not groggy, not drugged, just normal. It seemed quick and painless.

But yesterday, once I got to the outpatient clinic, they asked the usual questions such as, are you allergic to latex? … yes. Are you allergic to any drugs?… Morphine and all natural narcotics.

To which they answered startled, “What happens when you have morphine?”

Answer … I have projectile vomiting for 8 hours.

Well … that put a knot into their nickers. (As we say in the south).

And suddenly nurses were talking to nurses, who were talking to doctors, etc.

Each one had to ask me that same question again and again. And my answer was the same.

Finally, one came over and asked if I could do Fentanyl?
I said that I had never done that particular drug.
Another flurry of talking, whispering, and activity.

Then they proceeded to tell me that I was going to be awake for the procedure!
Something that had never happened to me.

At this point, I am slightly alarmed and asked if I could do the propofol instead.
At which point they explained that there was no anesthesiologist on staff to administer that and they did it differently here.

They were going to give me Versed to relax me and that would not make me remember anything.

Lovely!!! Ugh!

But here we are, and I am prepped and ready to go. So …. When in Rome ….!

I woke up and let’s just say I did not feel great.

I would have been a terrible drug addict. LOL!

Super groggy. Unstable. No memory of being awake. (Thank God!)
I had fortunately taken the whole day off to deal with this event and that was a good thing.

I went home and slept the whole afternoon.

Could barely eat or keep anything down.

Went to bed at 8 pm. And slept the whole night.

And now feel still off the next day and at about 60% of my normal energy.

At least I am not nauseous or completely out of it.

I think I will have to make a request to do it the anesthesiologist method next time.

No big discoveries during the colonoscopy. Thank Goodness.

So, I am all okay other than the residual from the drugs.

I just assumed that all hospitals do it the same way.

I will not make that mistake again.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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