Poem – It’s All A Dance

Poem – It’s All A Dance

It’s all a dance. Can’t you see.

The way the birds speak to the trees.

The way the water slithers on the land.

Giving life to the ground. Isn’t it grand?

Life is the ultimate dance that most never see.

The glistening waves make love to a palm tree.
I’ve listened to the sounds of voices at play.

I have heard the screams of dying prey.

It’s all a dance that moves with the light.
It loves to inspire as much as it loves a good fright.
But human minds tune out most of the songs.
With the endless battles between right and wrong.

Life will show us what we lack.
But we have to open in order to give back.
We hide our hearts inside a soundless cage.
And it is heard by none because it has no stage.

Give your heart the light it deserves.
Be brave and do not hold love in reserve.

Let it shout its song from the highest hill.
It does not matter if it is loud or shrill.

Let that song bellow its call.

Let it be heard by one and all.

Without the courage to let out our song.

We will never truly feel as if we belong.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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