Poem – School and Work

Poem – School and Work

In January of ’87, I began massage school,

The pressure was on, I was trying to keep cool,

Working and studying, with a young dog by my side,

Who still acted like a puppy, there was nowhere to hide.

The financial toll was immense, it drained my savings,

I struggled to make ends meet, it was truly enslaving,

I ate crackers and cheese, and a bit of deli turkey,

Oatmeal for breakfast, and a can of peaches, so syrupy.

The dancers were upset, my gifts were inexpensive,

They wanted more, it was quite offensive,

Emotionally draining, I kept it all inside,

Not asking for help, just trying to abide.

The dog acted out, destroying my house,

Bits of foam and fabric, scattered about,

I had no money to fix it, and felt so alone,

Sewing the pieces back together, with tears and a groan.

I had to keep going, to school and to work,

With no help in sight, I felt like I was in a cirque,

My parents were clear, this was my own choice,

To them a massage therapist, had no real voice.

But I persevered, I pushed through the strain,

Graduating from massage school, it was worth the pain,

I built up my practice, and became successful,

Proving to all, being a massage therapist was truly special.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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