Poem – The Curtain Call of Egos

Poem – The Curtain Call of Egos

In a grand theater, a dance unfolds,

Egos collide, something shocking is going to be told!

Upon the stage, they push and vie,

To prove their worth, and reach the sky.

With grace they move, in steps so fine,

Each soul adorned with talent divine.

But amidst the twirls and leaps so high,

A battle ensues, intended to catch the eye.

In whispers he taunted, teased, and tried,

He questioned her talent, but her spirit defied.

He wanted to outshine, and seize the crown,

He wanted to cast a shadow upon someone so renowned.

The curtains rise, it is time for bows.

Applause resounds, in this huge crowd.

But one male dancer, bold and brave,

Decided to alter the status quo, and pave

A path less traveled, to break the mold,

He loved to challenge conventions, and be so bold.

As the final curtain call neared, he devised a plan,

To shatter her ego to prove he was the best man.

The performance crescendoed, emotions soared,

Amidst the applause, he was going to have his reward.

Approaching the ballerina, with a confident air,

He offered her a single flower, as if it was so rare.

While he, in a daring display of pride,

Took the entire bouquet at his side.

Insulting the ballerina, was a twist unforeseen,

He showed the world that his ego, was supreme.

Gasps filled the theater, murmurs arose,

Whispers of shock, mixed with approving bravos.

For his act was audacious, it broke the norm,

This show of humanity made the audience swarm.

Yet in that moment, a lesson was taught,

That ego’s dance, however grand, is for naught.

For true beauty lies not in self-serving might,

But in humility, grace, and the heart’s pure light.

And as the final curtain gently fell,

The stage erupted in secrets, that only it could tell.

It knew that egos dance and may captivate the eyes,

But in the end, it’s compassion that truly flies.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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