Poem – The Redwood Curtain

Poem  – The Redwood Curtain

In the realm of the Redwoods, I sought my escape,

To a land where nature’s magic still held its shape.

Northward I journeyed, where giants proudly stood,

Amidst the Redwood Curtain, the sanctuary of great and ancient wood.

With every step, the redwoods grew in might,

Their towering presence, a majestic sight.

And as I ventured deeper, wild landscapes unfurled,

Rivers untamed and undammed, are nature’s sweetest swirl.

This Northwest haven, a bastion untamed,

Where diversity thrived and its beauty remained.

Those who held these lands, knew they were the stewards of its grace,

Protecting and preserving its essence, understanding its sacred embrace.

Oh, how I longed to be among the trees,

A fairy of the Redwoods, carried by the breeze.

To hear their whispers, ancient tales untold,

And reclaim the magic they generously maintain and hold.

For in their presence, I find ancient faces with beauty anew,

A world forgotten, but glimpsed by a very few.

The wonder and enchantment, like a long-lost friend,

Rekindling my spirit, helping me to comprehend.

In the realm of the Redwoods, I’ll find my retreat,

Where nature’s wisdom sings, soft and sweet.

And as I walk amidst their towering might,

I’ll rediscover the magic, once hidden from sight.

So, I’ll venture forth, with hope in my stride,

To the Redwood Curtain, where dreams coincide.

For in the embrace of these giants, I’ll be free,

A fairy of the Redwoods, forever wild and happy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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