Poem – The Terrible Cost Of Rage

Poem – The Terrible Cost of Rage

Rage festers in the souls of those that fear to confront.
It looks for those who do not want to affront.

It crawls along the ground and up the walls.

It shows in a glance and deep in the eyeballs.

There are those whose looks become frozen and stiff.

But all the while rage moves them closer to that cliff.

It intends to throw many off that ledge.

It hides the truth and threatens with a sledge.

That energy loves to see how much some will take.

Until the truth explodes and allows things to break.

You can try to get some to open up.

But some see that attempt as a setup.

Pride always stands before a fall.

And I would be the one to make my own call.

I would walk away and let their game … continue on.
I knew that I was destined to be more than a pawn.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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