Poem – You Are More

Poem – You Are More

Have you looked at that box you keep trying to fit in?

Was it a label given by another, intended to become a confining skin?

If you find yourself unable to squeeze within its tight walls,

It’s a sign that you surpassed their illusions and limited calls.

You see, dear soul, you are greater than anyone could perceive,

Their projections are expectations, that it’s now time to relieve.

Take a step back, and adjust your old perspective,

Embrace the truth and realize that you can be much more effective.

Remove the glasses they’ve placed upon your eyes,

Distorting your vision, hiding your true skies.

For you were never to be defined by their narrow sight,

You’re something else entirely because you are shining so bright.

Strip away the blinders, shed the ego’s disguise,

Let your essence bloom, reach for anything that flies.

No longer confined by the box’s shallow but safe embrace,

Discover the freedom because there is another self to chase.

Embrace the unknown, let your spirit unfurl,

Break free from the chains that society would hurl.

Embrace your true nature, for out there you will find,

The boundless beauty that exists beyond labels and your mind.

So, dear one, step away from that suffocating space,

Embrace your uniqueness, that your heart wants to embrace.

You are not meant to fit inside anyone’s prescribed mold,

You are meant to shine because you have your own story to unfold.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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