February 10, 2015

Relationships Workshop – Valentine’s Weekend in Pleasant Grove, UT

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Don’t be afraid to release what are no longer the highest choices. Don’t fill up your sacred spaces with meaningless distractions just to avoid being with your Self for a while. Spirit needs you to get used to your own energy, so it can use you as a vessel for the very highest expressions of love.

~Sophie Bashford~

This upcoming weekend Jason Smith, Jennifer Stanchfield and I will be teaching our course on Relationships. This is a passion for all of us. We have been on this journey to discover the ways to create deep and meaningful connection in our intimate relationships and we are so excited to share that with as many of you that know that there is much more to love than what your relationship is experiencing right now. If you long for more depth, more magic, more passion, more connection then this class is calling to you. Life it about grabbing at the energy that you are longing for. It is in those moments of awareness you can see that what you have been doing (perhaps quite successfully) is no longer enough. You know there is more and you want to open to a place that is your deepest heart. At a certain point the longing to be seen, appreciated, and fully understood will override your fear. This is that moment. Join us for a weekend of permission to dive deep into the unknown waters of your most divine self. Let us uncover something, together.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Relationships Workshop with Suzanne Wagner, Jennifer Stanchfield, and Jason Smith

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