SATURN IN CAPRICORN – Taking a look into the Abyss of 2018-2020


Taking a look into the Abyss of 2018-2020


Since we are coming into this powerful time where Saturn returns to its home sign, Capricorn, I thought it wise to dive in and take a deep look at what these next 2 ½ years might bring energetically to all of us. Saturn will be in Capricorn from December 19, 2018 into 2020 and it heralds a time of tremendous change if each of us learn to use this energy constructively rather than destructively. I believe that all times can open us to see and experience what has been lacking and where we need to evolve and grow. But information is about encouraging a deep willingness so that our capacity can expand with this new perspective and wisdom.

I begin by saying, “Thank you” to Christopher Renstrom, the amazing Astrologer, from  He is such a great story teller and his history lessons on Astrology are so intelligent and revealing. In his webinar that I watched the other day he told the story of Saturn. So, I will share that story as it clearly has relevance to what we are preparing to go through in 2018. In myths and stories, our ancestors attempted to explain the universe and help us understand energy patterns and times that our souls learn from and must encounter to grow. Here is the story of Saturn.

Saturn was one of the Seven Titans or Numia that were the children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Ouranos (Father Sky). (The Titans were unique because they were very large but none of them were purely destructive by nature. One was even credited with saving mankind after they were created.)  

Mother Earth and Father Sky, in their dance of passion and love created all the Gods but occasionally something ugly and not completely human would be born. Thus, the Giants, Cyclopes, and Titans were created. There were also children that were the energies of life. Such as the Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanos. These were primal energies that helped create life. But they were monsters and considered “ugly” to Ouranos (Father Sky) 

Ouranos asked Gaia to keep the “ugly” children inside her body and to push them back up inside her. But this was extremely painful and so Gaia finally asked if there were any of her children inside of her that would help put an end to her suffering.  

When Gaia asked who would help her no longer be in pain, Saturn said he would assist his mother. Then Gaia told Saturn to castrate his father with the sickle which would finally put an end to the creation process. This would finally stop Ouranos’s cruel treatment of her and her children.  

Which Saturn did.  

And from the blood of his father sprang the Giants and the Erinyes (the Furies). The purpose of the Furies was to punish sinners and they are to remain here until the world is free of sin. While the Giants were eventually all killed and driven from this world.  

As Saturn threw his father’s testicles into the ocean, Aphrodite was born in the foam of his semen.

The moment Saturn castrated his father (Father Sky) he also divided this world out of eternity and into linear time. Saturn became the ruler of this world and for untold ages has still reigned with his sister Rhea/Ops, his wife.

It was prophesied that eventually Saturn would lose power because one of his children would do to him, what he did to his own father, so he “ate” every child that his wife gave birth to. Now, they were all immortals so they did not die, but what that did do was successfully stop the progression of time. Allowing him to be immortal in this linear time.

When his 6th child, Zeus was born, Rhea spirited him away to the island of Crete. She then wrapped a swaddling cloth with a stone inside, so when Saturn ate the child he thought it was Zeus. Once Zeus had grown up, with the help of his mother and grandmother, Zeus fed his father a potion that would cause him to vomit up Zeus’s five siblings, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Thus, the Age of the Greek Gods was born.

In the ancient times scholars associated Saturn with melancholy. Saturn is a planet that attracts physicians, scholars, philosophers, and scientists. Writers also have strong Saturnian energy.

Saturn is the wisdom of Earth itself. He is here to show the way to serenity and wisdom through hard work, determination, and effort. He is the rigid enforcer of the law. Saturn makes you work the hardest for things but he also rewards those who put in substantial effort.

Saturn is directly related to karma. Over the next two and a half years, each of us is personally being asked to master Saturn as our inner teacher. It forces us to learn to directly deal with life’s problems in order to find new solutions.

The lesson of Saturn is to get out of the “pity pit” of sadness and to stop placing blame on others. You are asked to take personal responsibility for your situation and life, then deal with it.

Saturn forces you to confront the limitations that restrict your personal power and point out your lack of self-discipline and self-control. I find this especially important as this quality of Saturn will help to balance out the chaos of the Neptune in Pisces which has blasted open our emotional body and created a sense of overwhelm, delusion, bewilderment, hysteria, madness, dreaminess, and falsehood since 2012 and will be there until 2028. So, as we have been attempting to learn to swim in the dark and stormy waters of Neptune, now Saturn is coming in to give a reality check and to ground us back into the real world.

Saturn is related to seeds and planting. During this time, ask yourself, “What is it that you wish to plant?” Then watch as the importance of land and food become a focus. You are being asked to face the truth about this moment in history and time.

We are in a time, where many difficult choices will need to happen for there to be growth and transformation. This is what Saturn is all about.

Regardless of what you believe, you are ruled by time. You will live and you will die. You will thrive and you will have to survive. You will be young and you will be old. Saturn shows the truth. Though that truth might be ugly and hard to look at.

It is in experiencing limitation that you discover your inner drive because instinctually, we know that we are all running out of time. We all know that at any moment, our time might be up.

Wisdom is attached to learning and learning is attached to time. You cannot have wisdom without dealing with the progression of time.

Astrologically this is a moment to learn about earthly instinct. Saturn asks us to listen to earthly instinct and to grow through earthly instinct. Saturn in Capricorn is going to purify that instinct into a form that has a higher influence to hopefully save and re-direct this world.

Saturn calls us to action. But action that is associated with purpose. And first you must know your purpose. Once that is clear as to why you are here then Saturn in Capricorn often requires sacrifice, such as your personal time. Your life is to become a sacrament to the higher potential of your human existence.

Saturn asks you to let go of prejudice. And asks the question, “What is it that you really want?”

Saturn teaches through extreme limitation and forces you to re-prioritize. There is a type of determination with Saturn in Capricorn. The icy, steely, focus of this dark winter sign is designed to get you to be serious about what is really happening in your world and your life. You are going to be asked to stand behind your words and integrity is paramount to navigating this time successfully.

Saturn recognizes that all things of great value, take time. Saturn will show you what you are in denial of. Saturn creates ruin in order to show where you are bankrupt morally, ethically, and emotionally.

Saturn rules religion and it shows where there is rot, greed, and corruption that is collapsing society and causing suffering. Saturn shows you where systems (such as governments and religion) are not enough to maintain moral choices and actions for humanity.

Now it is time to take complete and total responsibility for our choices and actions.

There is a new law emerging.

Human laws are no longer enough. Spiritual laws are antiquated and inadequate. So, what is left?

It is the deep wisdom that comes from the voice of earth. Listen to the natural laws that rule this planet not what rules minds. This is the process where we change energy into matter. It is important to not stuff the density into the earth (like Gaia stuffing her children back inside) but to work in the way of cultivating that density back into the earth. Such as in composting.

The climax of 2020 is a combination of Pluto’s desire for transformation moving in conjunction with Saturn’s rules and limitations. This points out the atrocities that happen and the suffering that is created when governments are controlled by the ruling elite. Expect world outcries and massive shifts as the balance of power goes back to the people over the next two and a half years.

That is because historically Saturn rules – The Under Class – The elderly, the disenfranchised, the lowest paid, and the decrepit, the working class, and agriculture.  Those that work hard are going to show those in shadow their mistakes and prejudices.

Saturn’s plan is that we must recognize our own shadow fully and not just the shadow in others. Until we do that, we cannot really claim a powerful position in the “real” world.

There will be a moment in 2020, when Jupiter ignites the nuclear power of Pluto and disintegrates this heaviness and density into one massive explosion of change. That is where all things are going to be restructured. Things will change and it will be hard. To shift this world out of the place where the powerful, rich, and entitled abuse power and the control our resources, is going to be slow and difficult.

But Saturn rewards all sincere and genuine effort that is for the good of the whole. We are all entering a time of extreme effort. You each will have to learn what is essential to you for survival and what it will take for you to make it through this time.

We are headed towards a cliff to make a gigantic leap. That leap is over a chasm with terrible, malefic energies that will attempt to tear us apart and break down the lies and delusions this world. We cannot let it do that.

Pluto has been generating fear on the soul level since 2008 when it entered Capricorn.

Saturn brings the fear onto the earth level, making things very real.

Jupiter is Benefic and Saturn is Malefic. Jupiter is on its way to Capricorn in 2019. It will join both Pluto (known as an atom bomb) and Saturn (the planet of deprivation and hardship) in Capricorn the end of 2019 through 2020. Jupiter is a gas giant and wants to ignite things and in this case, it wants to ignite the power of a nuclear bomb (metaphorically I hope), Pluto.

You are being asked to ignite the karma you are holding inside (Saturn) and burn it off in a pattern of Buddhism, called “tapas”. It is only through heating up the truth through toil and effort that we learn to release the dark and hidden karmic energy. This is how we can burn away the karma that we are carrying that has caused us so much suffering. The earth will be in a place of extremes for a while. So, get comfortable living in the sauna of karma for the next few years. Saturn in Capricorn intends to perfect and purified your human experience and align it with your soul’s potential.

Neptune asks you to deepen. The watery depths of Neptune ask you to go into the emotions and feelings that you have not wanted to look at nor deal with. This is how you awaken your intuition and your right brain. Neptune requires you to tell yourself the truth about all the mental and emotional distraction you have been using to avoid dealing with the truth of who you really are. You have been hiding from yourself. You might have thought that you overcame your ego but these aspects are going to show you where you were just re-arranging the furniture in the same house thinking that it was a new house. In this time of reckoning, the old house is coming down. In reality, it is already down you just have refused to believe it. (How does that sound like a present political situation?)

Saturn in Sagittarius began that process almost 3 years ago and the ideas and beliefs that you cherished most deeply have been broken down and dissolved away in the waters of Neptune. This will allow a new type of creativity to emerge. It will allow the striving to stop if you let the mind go and feel into the organic flow that the river that nature is providing you. You will move faster if you allow the river to carry you forward rather than attempt to use your mind’s ideas of the past and control that flow.

Jupiter says reach higher. Saturn says deal with what is right in front of you. Jupiter says to believe in yourself and to have faith that this will all make sense eventually. Saturn tells you to pay attention to the real world.

Capricorn is the true way of earth. The Earth Mother is showing you how to be here on this planet now. Saturn in Capricorn shows you that ideas and not enough until you manifest them in the physical world.

Humanity has forgotten what life and living all about.

Saturn in Capricorn is going to re-align you to the natural order rather than the distorted order that serves the ego, the mind, a few, and not the many.

Without being in alignment with earth, it will be impossible to progress, as a species, or to find a Galactic alignment.

The earth is calling but underneath that … the Galaxy is calling you…. personally.

Will you wake up? Will you listen and make the necessary changes?

Can you fully open to the doorway happening now? First you must ground into the earth energy and only “She” can show you the way “Home”. That way is to reconnect with nature. That will allow a unification of yourself to our planet, and then into the universal flow of consciousness and all of life.

We are living the “Game of Thrones”. Winter has come. Be prepared and get yourself back in alignment with what you will need to move through this time.

Those whose voices have been suppressed, will become very loud. If you listen, the roar has already started. That roar is the “losers” as they come into more power and finally insist on being heard in a way that they were never heard before. They will not be silenced. We are going to return the power to the People!

The intention of earth signs is to master the potential pitfalls that life presents. Earth signs honestly evaluate and look at what the resources are and how to distribute them honorably. Saturn is not the optimist (like Jupiter) but the realist and the pragmatist.

Saturn is a Master Teacher. Saturn teaches that wisdom is learned through effort.

When you have to deal with unexpected things, you learn new skills. Saturn attempts to show you the obstacles that you need to move through so you can discover who you really are. Saturn only cares about whether it works or doesn’t. And it directs you towards function and illuminates dysfunction.

Saturn’s information comes to you through sound currents and moves through echo’s. Meaning that you have been being warned from a distance to learn to yield and surrender to truth. If you listen and move the first time you hear the echo, you will make choices that keep you safe. After all, echoes fade with time. The longer you wait the less you will hear. Learn to listen the first time and move quickly.

Saturn teaches about withholding. Saturn forces you to step back and look where and how you stop yourself from growth and change. Saturn forces you to recognize that you can only learn if you grapple with your own dark angel inside.

Saturn will force you to look at where you are afraid. This is a time where you learn to live without and learn to make something out of less. Saturn shows you that you can still create even if the universe does not hand you what you believe you want and need. Just because you think you deserve it does not mean that Saturn will give it to you. Saturn teaches through the word, “No”.

Saturn teaches that you have to work through fear and anxiety. He is the lesson that wanting and achieving are not always the same thing.

You can collapse and have a temper tantrum but Saturn does not really care. He will just let you fall into that fear and allow the lesson to teach you. After all, he has all the time in the world to wait.

Saturn in Capricorn does not look to others for approval. He shows you what is right or wrong in your life and seeks to restore order from chaos. Saturn wants to make choices that last and go the distance. He is less interested in personal comfort now but is interested in how to create comfort for the greater good in the future. He looks ahead to how he can create comfort of our children’s children. He recognizes that the sacrifice given now, serves those that follow later.

Saturn in Capricorn hates waste and wants to reduce such frivolity. So, this will be a good time for cleaning up the planet. The fear of losing everything you hold near and dear is the motivating force for change. He will make us look at our attitude towards aging, class, organization, finances, and status. Patience and follow through is valued above speed. Efficiency is valued highly.

Saturn in Capricorn teaches that to succeed you have to exceed your expectations.

Pluto in Capricorn (since 2008) seeks to increase power and control through your career, status, and reputation. But Saturn seeks perfection, increased performance, and proof that something has value and is worth the money being put into it. Saturn will attempt to clean up the excesses and obsessiveness of Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto tears down but Saturn builds up. Together they can generate a tremendous amount of change.

Under Saturn’s glaring frugalness at a world of excessive materialism, life will be very different. Those situations and people that are “lost causes” will need to be let go of and weeded out. There is liberation in the simplicity of that choice. This time makes you look at how the expectations of your life do not match the capability of your experience.

This moment is a doorway to your most sincere and authentic self. I expect volunteerism to be very strong under this aspect. Doing simple things and having a small but more direct impact in people’s lives is going to be more fulfilling.

In perfect balance, this energy has a dose of realism without pessimism.

The stress of Saturn in Capricorn may impact knees, bones, teeth, and skin. It is associated with storing stress through contraction and rigidity. Therefore, yoga and stretching exercises are very important to maintain balance and stress.

Above all, remember to take your time. Saturn moves slowly.

It is not about getting rid of anything or anyone. It is about looking at what are you going to replace it with?

Take a look at where Capricorn is in your chart. In your personal natal chart, notice what house Capricorn is in. Then those rules and structure are going to be applied to that particular energy in that house. Look back to what you were doing 1988-1990. This is a similar energy for you and how it will impact your personal chart.

But also, your sign and this influence also have an impact together. Take a look below to get an idea of how you might personally need to learn to focus Saturn in Capricorn.

Aries will want to prove who they are in the world and in their life. They want to feel as if their life in standing on something solid. Be aware that everyone is going to see you and your actions. You may feel as if a bright light is shining on you and so secrets are going to be difficult if not impossible to keep hidden.

Taurus will attempt to ground in and use its natural realism and practicality to carry that wagon up the rutted road of your life. Accomplishments are those that take time and have a strong attention to detail, such as; writing, education, publishing, etc. Life might feel a bit monotonous but at least the path is clear in front of you even if it is not very exciting.

Gemini is being asked to clean up your act, especially financially. If you share space with others, you need to look at whether you expect others to carry more than their fair share of weight in the relationship for you. Using others to maintain your own inner balance could get old fast under this aspect. It is time to grow up and know that some of your freedom needs to be swapped out for better control in your life.

Cancer is going to test your relationships in many ways whether they are business or personal. Hard realities need to be faced and you have to look at where you are being asked to fully commit. Falling too much into the watery emotional tendencies and become wishy washy is a very bad idea. Becoming too controlling and making others stress out is also not a good idea. You are seeking that balance between responsibility and your emotional needs.

Leo, for you it is all about your personal health and well-being. It is time to get a handle on putting yourself first. You recognize that you have been overdoing for way too long and it has taken a toll on your health and energy. It is time to restructure your life more towards ease, flow, and grace. Let others figure out their own karma now. You cannot save them from themselves. Create routines that allow for workouts and self-care.

Virgo is filled with a new creative energy that wants to entertain, have romantic dinners, and be surrounded by laughter and children. You are reclaiming what you have lost and what you left behind. There also might be some financial restrictions on how much you can spend and the cost of those creative endeavors. Realism tests you and your commitments. You don’t like the restrictions and limitations that are being imposed but they are essential for you to find out that what is important is not out there but right in front of you. You will need more discipline than you have used in many years.

Libra needs a structure like never before. It will feel more confining than your airy sign likes but it is necessary to build the discipline required to get to your dreams. It is time for a more traditional approach rather than those get rich schemes in your head. No, you will probably not like this but it is what you need to discover that dreams take effort in the physical world. You cannot survive and thrive if you just live in the illusion of your soul’s potential and never do the hard work to really manifest it in your life.

Scorpio desires to dive into serious study. Almost the more detailed, the better. There is a desire for more focus and less desire to connect or interact with others. It is a great time for going back to school or doing things that requires you to be tested. But with Jupiter in Scorpio most of 2018, know that you are being seen in a very bright light and others notice your effort and hard work.

Sagittarius’s focus with Saturn now is all about the money, possessions, and what you value most. Saturn is conservative around money so for a Sagittarius, it is going to require extra work and a greater commitment to not overspend. “Waste not want not” is this sign’s motto for the next two plus years. I know that is not necessarily what a Sagittarius wants to hear but it will allow a better use of the resources and will make you feel better.

Capricorn this is your planet in your sign. Welcome home. But your home is one that has been built from your own two hands and your blood, sweat, and tears. You are not afraid of the effort things take because you know that Saturn rewards effort. While this will feel more natural for you it will force you to increase your personal responsibilities and make changes that support your health and overall mental clarity. Efficient use of your time is a focus and learning to maintain your energy in a more level way is the goal.

Aquarius, you are cleaning house spiritually in a big way. You cannot keep going the way you have been going. You really want to finish up those projects that are hanging out there in the ethers, as they are draining your energy and making you feel bad about yourself when that is completely unnecessary. The past is dead, let it go. Those perceived failures might be exaggerated in your mind, as your brain is making mountains out of molehills. Regroup and reach out of your mind into the bigger, higher consciousness now.

Pisces, your social world feels like a mess. What will make you happy is not more people or more distractions but finding what gives you the energy you are seeking. Others will not be able to do it. It is time to do the work you have been avoiding all these years. Besides there is nothing left to do. If you don’t, the full stern force of Saturn in Capricorn is coming down on your head.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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