Suzanne’s Personal Poem for 12/19/2022 – The Places Where Costumes Wait.

Suzanne’s Personal Poem for 12/19/2022

Poem – The Places Where Costumes Wait.

In the darkness costumes sit and wait.

In the coolness … sequins still illuminate.

The ghosts of performers still float around.

The quick changes still happen, if you listen to the sound.
Memories and dreams still linger in the sweat.

Whispers come from the wigs of queens, fairies, and a coquette.
The spirits still sing and dance in this place.

Many still wander as visions in this space.
The bowels of theaters are alive and still breathe.
The characters emotions still laugh and seethe.

Walk among the costumes and you will hear their call.

They draw you in when you touch that shawl.

They tell a story of a performance in the past.

They hold the hope of a performer that was cast.

Into the role of the magician or a king.
If one listens … you can still hear them sing

Life still breathes in the costume of the king’s consort.

Memories linger if you will allow the transport.

Of what once was … to live through you again.
Let the story find a way to wander in your brain.

Dance in the doorways of another time.

And let the costume live again in the sublime.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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