October 29, 2022

Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 10/30/2022

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Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 10/30/2022


How many do not see they are living in a box.

A box of beliefs filled with old socks.
Some listen to those that lament away.

And do not see that their words are an ashtray.

There are those that will continue to create despair.
Just to feed off those whom they can ensnare.

Without the moral fiber that can recognize a lie.

Those souls will weaken, whither, and die.
Caught in the karmic trap of distortion and pain.

They will be forced to reincarnate once again. 

~Suzanne Wagner~


I made the most amazing sweet potato, lentil, coconut milk dish last night with the help of my dear friend who is here for a visit.
She has introduced me to “Pinterest” and that is quite an interesting thing to play with. I think I have found a short cut for great recipes and ideas.

Life and food cannot be separated.
We live because we have learned how to create healthy and nutritional choices that fulfill not just the body, but the sensations that awaken our tastes, inspire our mind, and allow our eyes to enjoy the feasts of color that show up on a plate.

I love it when my mind says, “Wow! What is that? I don’t remember tasting anything like that!”
Or the sensuous tingling that happens when something touches us on a new level and there is a wave of ecstasy that moves through like warm, liquid, joy.
I can feel when there is love in the food.
I can feel when a chef enjoys the process of cooking. I can feel when there is a passion to share with others through the coming together of food, wine, and conversation.

When I was a child there were never fights at the kitchen table. My mother was and … is still … a great cook. She could make a meal where everyone was happy, together, conversing, and connected.

It was a natural gift and not something that she tried to work at.
While cooking is effort … there are those that find more joy in it than the effort it requires. Thus, the act of cooking is a gift that gives back.

I am always amazed that it takes more time to cook a meal than it does to eat it.

But I am also grateful that earth is such a sensual experience.

How many of us have allow the sensuality of this world to overtake our senses and stop the mind’s rambling long enough to drop into what this world offers?

I am a person who seeks those places of sensation that cause wonder and great joy.

Weather is a sensation that makes my skin tingle with electricity and awakens the lifeforce within me to connect to the greater world … out there.

Music takes me on a journey into the world, mind, and soul of another who created that music.

Dance allows me to feel the flows within my body that mix and match, explode and inspire, retreat and rest. It shows me my complexity, diversity, depth, and the amazing subtle nuances that are possible while in a physical form.

Food fills me and gives my body what it needs, while it allows me to not feel hungry, to need anything, for a beautiful moment of emptiness. A moment not filled with longing. A moment when striving is not needed and for that moment … we are complete.

Let this complex world in.
Let it fill you, inspire you, and allow you to find those things that you did not even know you needed or wanted.

Let life give you even more than you have right now.

It is only waiting for your willingness and openness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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