Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 12/2/2022

Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 12/2/2022


The winds of change roar through this life.

Some will collapse and some will fight.

I prefer to listen to the sounds.

Of the forces of nature when she wishes to astound.
The volcanos erupt, and the rains pour.
Take all the openings that will allow your spirit to soar.
Love as much as you can and with all your might.

Sing in the shower and dance in the moonlight.
Don’t forget to play in the sun.

Don’t forget to cut loose and run.

Life will dwindle and then disappear.

And this will be but a dream that enticed you near.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Listen my darling and you will still hear.

My soft voice even though I am no longer near.

I walk in light and send you so much love.

You did everything for me as I now walk in the clouds above.
Remember the laughs and those crazy thoughts.

Those times of innocence and those silly plots.

We had so many plans that did not come to pass.

But the love that we shared is what will forever last.

I have loved you in ways that I did not know were even real.

I loved the battles and all the meals.

Don’t be sad as I have to now go.

You will always be my big bear beau.

I would not have missed a moment with you.
Even when things were so difficult to get through.

We bought some time for us to continue to share.

We did all we could, and God heard all the prayers.

But I have to now go, and I want you to know.

That the love is so strong that I have to go slow.
I know it is difficult to watch me and wait.

But don’t worry because I am standing at that gate.

I am not in pain, yet my body can’t seem to let go.

But I am trusting the process and following the flow.

Without your heart feeding my soul.
I would not have had the courage or the control.

To walk though this hard journey … of many years.

Nor would I have been able to weather all my tears.
As I leave this life, feel my kiss.

You are so beautiful to me, and you will be missed.

But I will wait for you on the other side.

There is no need to hurry as your life is still yet to arrive.

There is so much more in you that you forget to see.

You were my ground, and you are the roots of the redwood trees.
Listen to the whispers as I touch your cheek.

Remember me when you sit by the creek.

I am not here but I am not far away.
I know this is hard but do not dismay.

In another time and in another place.
I will hold your hand and we will embrace.

And together we will play again in the fields of love.

You will always be my greatest truelove.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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