Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 12/3/2022

Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 12/3/2022


What was frozen in the fears of our past.

Begins to melt and flow and last.

But as that ice breaks apart.

We fear … what is about to start.

That is why we allowed those emotions to stop the flow.

We held on tight and did not want to let go.

And now, as the warmth of change ensues.

We watch as something breaks through anew.
It feels as if the breaking of ice will destroy.

All we knew, loved, and enjoyed.

But while it may overflow and cut a new path.

It is not angry or on a warpath.

It is just trying to cut loose and find a way.

To let go of so much emotion that has caused dismay.

Let the ice melt inside your heart.

Let the flow happen and your life start.

If it takes out that old road.

Do not panic or think that life will implode.

It is just a change … that ushers in the spring.

Flowers will follow and life will again, sing.

~Suzanne Wagner~


My husband when out on the land and cut down our own Christmas tree from the property.
It is a tradition at our house. And it has a function.
Seems the fir trees like to burst forth and clump together so that they then crowd each other out and need to be thinned so that they are not competing for food and light.
It is also a good fire prevention to thin the trees. It keeps the brush down and the larger trees then can explode with the increased resources and light.

Because my husband was on organic farmer for 5 years, he is able to recognize those plants that need to be culled so that others can thrive.

I am glad he is the one picking those plants out, as my nature is one that tries to save everything.
And that is not the best way to handle growing gardens, trees, and plants.

He knows that if a plant is just not thriving, that it is best to pull it out and put in another.

Many years ago, in our organic garden, there was a tomato plant that just was not doing well. My husband just pulled it and sure enough the root system was a tiny ball. The roots never took off.
He was right to just take it out and start over.
I thought that a new plant would not catch up to the others but once again I was wrong.
That new smaller plant totally caught up to the others and ended up stronger and produced more than even some of the others.

This is where I believe that plants talk to each other and that together they thrive and signal in secret ways to each other to “go for it”!

At least that is my theory.

Today we are going to trim the tree and make it all beautiful. It is going to be fun! I hope all of you are enjoying the decorating and colorful traditions of the holidays.
Remember that some batches of colorful cookies are also a must!

~Suzanne Wagner~



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