Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 4/22/2022


As the planets circle in a tight squeeze.

May peace return with the greatest of ease.

And yet, we know that there are those that will fight.

With all they have and with all their might.

I pray for the soldiers on both sides.

That do not really hate but a war still decides.

The fates of both hang in the dance of death.

While the powerful act as if they are on meth.

Why is it that the innocents lay down their lives?

While food and supplies seem to never arrive.

I cannot understand how the arrogance of a few.

Want to tear apart lives and a free country subdue.

What kind of world allows monsters to gain the upper hand?

And allow the life and death of a people to be in their command?
I hear a call from those that have died.

They will haunt their enemies who destroyed and tried to divide.

The peace that they lived will forever be the goal.

But they will not relent until their country is made whole.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We too are a part of the natural flow.
How can we learn to trust and let go?

How can we find our place in the sun?

How can we find the freedom for our spirit to run?

First, we need to step back and open our heart.

That would be the best place to start.
In the busyness of the mind we become irritated and rushed.

In nature we find … that those voices are hushed.

What then arises is more purely from our soul.

And that was always the authentic goal.

This morning I am still sitting in a cloud of gray mist.
It is natures wet and wonderful kiss.
The trees drink in the moisture all around.

In the quiet … the wind whispers soft sounds.

The wind in the trees calls to the sky.

The light emerges and the bird’s cry.

Today I find that my heart leaps into a song.

For all the life that strives to survive and belong.

Will we ever learn that secret pathway to peace?

Will we ever learn nature’s secret to regenerate with ease?

I know that this life is dwindling away.
But I find only gratitude rather than dismay.

Because when we learn how precious this life is.

It matters not the conclusions or the mind analyses.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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