Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 5/14/2022


The gates of hell open to anyone.

Who use a weapon over smiling in the sun.

Weapons can be used in many ways.

Words can soothe or create a blaze.

Tools can construct great things.

Or they can strip the power from kings.

Some tools are within the mind.

Out maneuvering others by hiding one’s crime.
Many things open us to heaven as well.

A knowing that recognizes that others cannot tell.

After all, it is cruel to attack a person who is unaware.

They do not know their loyalty was birthed from psychological warfare.
Often those that are asked to do the deeds

Are victims themselves … being denied their own needs.

That is why we have to get to the root of it all.

There is always one who answers when Hell calls.

Most are being told what they can and must do.

And that is why so many will die before war is through.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What kind of warrior are you now?
The kind that wants to inspire know how?

A true warrior knows the fight is always in the mind.

It is with the self that the battle rages throughout time.

Each of us have fought for what we believed.

Each of us died because we had been deceived.

Often the warriors are the pawns in this game of chess.

Willingly sacrificed for another to become the best.

Do you realize when you are being pawned?
Do you give your autonomy only for another to abscond?

There are warriors that fight for truth.

They have often understood that … even in their youth.

There are warriors that do not fight from hate.

They know that the consequences from that are much too great.

There are warriors that fight to conquer their fear.

They know that negative voices are the enemy that they hear.

Some battle darkness from lifetimes past.

Some deal with emotions that make one an outcast.

Everyone is battling something inside.
Conflict is the place to which we will all collide.

Learn to look into hearts through their eyes.

Know when someone is … a danger in disguise.

They often do not know because they are not fully aware.

They are often gapped from the danger that they bear.  
Those that carry the deepest wound.
Cannot see the toxic reality to which they are attuned.

That is why look carefully from this point on.
Be aware of those that move like an automaton.

Those that are deeply damaged and hurt.

Use their fear to stay on high alert.

They are the ones that will lash out very fast.

They will do terrible things because they were asked.

By the leader that they pledged loyalty too.

And they will lay waste to a land before they are through.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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