Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 5/17/2022


Every choice defines who we are.

Every choice is attached to a memory.

Our choices show the world where we are at.

Our choices now can set us free.

Our choices can tell the angels we are not ready.

We think that we are free to make our own choices.

But in the end those choices will tell others our true character.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Sometimes life feels like walking the plank.

And the ship is filled with pirates that want to play a prank.

Life is like that at times, and we wonder what to choose.

We are pretty sure that jumping off is a guarantee that we will lose.
But sometimes there is only one way to go.

We cannot see past the current level that we know.

We want safety and security regardless of what fate has in store.
But that choice does not always open the proper door.

Every choice opens or closes us to some potential inside.
That is why we try to choose with a heart open wide.
Each moment chosen in excitement … can be a thrill.
Yet there are those that can feel like a bitter pill.

Some are required and we cannot avoid.

Some are so complicated that we listen to Freud.

Some we chose from a random place.

Some we manufacture from past grace.

Regardless of the choices that one makes today.

Use that energy to open and clear the way.

Much is coming and more changes are being prepared.

We make better choices when we are not in reaction or scared.

Listen to that core within that can evaluate the proper course.

Then grab your saddle and leap onto that horse.

Without the courage to jump into that new choice.

You will never find the miracles inside … or your true voice.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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