Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 5/18/2022


When the mind is calm, like a placid lake.

That is where we can manifest something great.

That greatness is not a thought.

But a realization of something we are not.
Once we know who we are inside.

Then whatever anyone says, we have nothing to hide.

That gives us the freedom to see past the lie.

And look their distortion … right in the eye.

When others project and we become afraid.

It is because we allow their belief to make us dismayed.

But when someone throws something that will not stick.

Then it bounces back and hits them like a brick.

Because what another accuses us of.

Will actually be theirs and fit them … like a glove.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Within the silence is a pulse.

A beating force that embraces all of us.

It forces life into the dark.

It brings hope in the form of a spark.

You are that spark that carries a promise.

Within our minds, we are all St. Thomas.

He was a saint that had to reconcile.

Faith with reason, the balance of proof for his mind’s denial.
In every life, we become afraid to trust.

We want the proof! Not for things to be discussed.

We wonder why things cannot be simple and clear.

But that is not the point as to why we are here.
The rules of this reality always apply.
But to the greater cosmic laws, we must still comply.

Without recognizing that both do exist.

We will not understand the karma that persists.
The way through is not simple and concise.

We exist in a fool’s paradise.

One that we can obviously see.

And another that shows us a doorway with a marquee.

That is a doorway that transcends this time.

But its voice is subtle and its message sublime.

While we cannot always understand the pathways beyond.

There are promises to which we have an unbreakable bond.

Those things call to us in the darkest of nights.

Reminding us to reach for ever greater heights.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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